Theater Shooting Trial: Day 1 Surprise & What's NextOpening statements ended Monday evening in the trial of the man who opened fire inside the movie theater in Aurora. Both sides focused the jury on the key point of whether James Holmes was sane when he killed 12 people and injured 70 others.
Trial Tries To Look Inside Theater Shooter's Unstable MindTwo versions of the unstable mind of James Holmes were presented to a jury as lawyers revealed many more details about his conversion from a promising grad student to a gunman capable of opening fire on hundreds of unsuspecting moviegoers.
Defense: 20 Doctors Agree James Holmes Has SchizophreniaA prosecutor declared Monday that two psychiatric exams found Colorado theater gunman James Holmes to be sane as he meticulously plotted a mass murder, considering a bomb or biological warfare before settling on a shooting.
Holmes' Attorney Says His Client Now Regrets The RampageJames Holmes' defense attorney, Daniel King, says his client "now regrets what took place in the theater."
Defender Opens Trial Saying Holmes Was Insane During AttackA public defender says James Holmes was insane when he opened fire in a crowded Colorado movie theater in 2012.
Prosecutor Says Holmes Mulled Biological WarfareA prosecutor says James Holmes considered other locations and methods for his attack, including biological warfare, before deciding on a mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater.
Northern Colorado Police Shootings Lead To Community ActionRelatives of men who died in recent Weld County police shootings spoke at a public meeting of the anguish of hearing of the deaths not from authorities, but from friends, social media or newspapers, The Tribune reported Friday.
After Cold Case Is Solved, Neighbor Wonders Why It Took So LongFriday's announcement that a 1997 cold case is solved was relieving as well as a bit frustrating for neighbors in Denver's Crestmoor neighborhood.
Denver Police Announces 1997 Cold Case Is SolvedEighteen years after a woman was beaten to death in her home in Denver, police announced on Friday that they know who killed her.
Southern Colorado DA Admits To Mishandling Cases, Could Be SuspendedA southern Colorado district attorney has admitted to mishandling more than a dozen criminal cases and will spend the next two years under close supervision.
Planned Family Justice Center Gets A Boost From The BroncosThe Broncos are teaming up with the Rose Andom Center to help open Colorado's very first family justice center.