Busy Air Traffic Control Facilities Lack Enough Controllers, Including DenverThirteen of the nation's busiest air traffic control facilities, including Denver, are suffering from a shortage of air traffic controllers, a problem that demands "urgent attention," a government watchdog told lawmakers on Tuesday.
When Pigs Fly: Airline Travelers Taking Advantage Of 'Emotional Support Animal Status'More animals than ever are flying in the United States. "CBS This Morning" looked at the problems created when passengers take advantage of a law meant to protect the disabled who fly with their pets.
GM Releases Video To Demonstrate Safety of Recalled CarsOne day after the Department of Transportation refused to order GM to pull recalled vehicles off the road, the auto company has released a video showing tests they've done on the recalled vehicles.
Denver Earns Designation As 'Walk Friendly Community'Good news for all those who walk to get exercise or safe energy-- Denver is getting kudos for being a "Walk Friendly Community" for its walkability and pedestrian safety.
Colorado Drivers Targeted In Campaign To Curb Texting & DrivingTexting and driving is illegal in Colorado but many drivers continue to break the law while behind the wheel. Law enforcement will be cracking down on drivers who continue with the dangerous habit beginning next week.
Airline Fees Often Leave Many Travelers ConfusedThe extra fees airline many passengers are paying these days are really adding up for the airlines.
Spring Storm Blamed For Flight Delays At DIAThe Department of Transportation in Washington, DC will investigate one claim that a Southwest jet sat too long on the tarmac on Wednesday. The snow kept some flights from leaving Denver International Airport on time.