2 Hyenas At Denver Zoo Test Positive For COVIDThe hyenas, Ngozi, 22 and Kibo, 23, are believed to be the first hyenas confirmed to have the virus in the world.
11 African Lions Test Positive For COVID At Denver ZooZookeepers in Denver are caring for 11 African lions that have tested positive for COVID.
2 Tigers Test Positive For COVID At Denver ZooDespite efforts from staff to prevent any of their animals from getting COVID, two tigers have tested positive at the Denver Zoo.
What Does It Take To Design A Penguin Habitat? Builder Talks About New Denver Zoo ExhibitThe Denver Zoo’s African penguins have a brand-new home. The Pinnacol African Penguin Point opened in September, replacing the old exhibit at Bird World. On CBSN Denver, we talked to Vertix Builders, who helped bring this new habitat to life.
Denver Zoo Named No. 1 Zoo In The Nation By Bio ExplorerThe Denver Zoo is celebrating some top honors. The zoo was named the number one zoo in the country by Bio Explorer.
Memorial Dedicated At Denver Zoo To Alonzo Ashley Who Died 10 Years Ago After Encounter With Police A new drinking fountain and misting station near Sheep Mountain at the Denver Zoo is part of a memorial 10 years in the making. On Friday, the zoo unveiled a new area and dedicated it to Alonzo Ashley who died on a hot July day in 2011.
African Penguins Make Themselves At Home In New Exhibit At Denver ZooThe Denver Zoo is celebrating a new exhibit for its African penguin flock. The new Pinnacol Penguin Point replaces the previous exhibit at Bird World.
Meet The Denver Zoo's Newest Penguin ChickThere's more baby new from the Denver Zoo. Meet Cindy- the newest Humboldt penguin chick.
Denver Zoo To Vaccinate Some Animals With Experimental COVID VaccineThe Denver Zoo plans to vaccinate some of its residents against COVID-19 within the next few weeks.  
Sloth Family Gets New Habitat In Denver Zoo -- Tropical DiscoveryTwo of the most beloved animals at the Denver Zoo have been in separate enclosures for the last two years, but they are getting to share a home once again.
Grand Opening! Denver Zoo Visitors Will Now Be Able To Peer Inside New Animal HospitalIn the coming days, visitors to the Denver Zoo will be able to see how sick and injured animals are treated.