Denver Zoo Donates $5,000 To Help Animal Rescue Efforts In AustraliaDeadly bushfires have killed at least 25 people as well as an estimated one billion animals in Australia. 
Free Days At The Denver Zoo In 2020The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District in Denver sponsors a free day at just about every Denver museum, zoo and garden. Friday is free at the Denver Zoo.
Groucho The Elephant Celebrates 50th Birthday At Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo Hosts Special Low-Sensory Zoo Lights ExperienceThe low-key event was specifically for people with sensory processing disorder.
Denver Zoo To Provide Low-Sensory Zoo Lights Experience TuesdayFor the first time in its history, the Denver Zoo has created a low-sensory night at Zoo Lights. T
Take Your Flock To Meet The Flamingos At The Denver ZooThe Denver Zoo is offering the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of their most colorful residents.
Video: Dobby The Giraffe Seems To Enjoy Performance By Colorado SymphonyDobby the giraffe seemed to especially enjoy the performance -- and even hopped along to the music, and leaned in for a closer look at the musicians.
Dobby The Giraffe Loses 2 Baby Teeth"Another step on the road to adulthood!" zoo officials wrote on Facebook.
Polar Bear Formerly At Denver Zoo Is Now A FatherA polar bear that once called the Denver Zoo home is now a father.
Video: Amur Tigers Enjoy Snow Day At Denver ZooYuri and Nikita spent a recent snow day enjoying the snow in the outdoor area of their habitat!
CUTE VIDEO: Lion Cub Takes Cuddly Cat Naps With Family At Denver ZooOn Thanksgiving, the zoo shared a video of Tatu and his family enjoying some cozy cuddles.