Male Orangutan Uncharacteristically Cares For Offspring: 'He's Doing A Fantastic Job'Berani is the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Cerah, and has started taking care of the youngster.
'Mr. Mom': Male Orangutan Steps Up To Care For 2-Year-Old Daughter After Death Of MatriarchIn the wild, male orangutans are not involved with their offspring, and zoo officials say this is an "extremely rare situation."
Denver Zoo Needs Help To Feed Animals After 'Taking Major Financial Hit' During PandemicThe animals haven't missed a meal yet, but the zoo needs help to keep feeding more than 3,000 animals.
Denver Zoo Faces 'Significant Deficit' & Struggles To Feed AnimalsKatrina Eschweiler has 3,000 hungry diners to satisfy every day of the year, an enviable client base for any eatery in these turbulent times.
Denver Zoo Launches 'ZOOtrition' Campaign To Help Feed Animals During COVID PandemicStaff at the Denver Zoo spends each morning preparing food for more than 3,000 animals living on the grounds.
Denver Zoo Lights Tickets Go On Sale To The Public ThursdayThe Denver Zoo is preparing for the 30th Anniversary of Zoo Lights.
Denver Zoo Cancels Free Days In Oct. & Nov. Due To COVID-19The Denver Zoo announced on Friday that upcoming Free Days in Oct. and Nov. are canceled due to COVID-19 attendance restrictions.
Denver Zoo Announces Names For Two Lion Cubs Born In AprilTwo new lion cubs born at the Denver zoo three months ago now have names. Meet Oskar and Araali!
Birthday At The Zoo: Happy 1st Birthday, Tatu!The Denver Zoo is celebrating a special first birthday for an already-beloved resident.
Reopening Colorado: Denver 'Hitting Pause' On Easing Coronavirus RestrictionsDenver Mayor Michael Hancock announced Wednesday that the City is "hitting the pause button" on easing restrictions related to the coronavirus because of an increase in the number of cases.
Denver Zoo Visitors Watch Kylo Play With The Other Grevy's ZebrasKylo the newest member of the zebra family is frolicking around in his enclosure with the other zebras.