Fran Gomez Shares Plans As She Leads The Denver Sheriff DepartmentThe Denver Sheriff's Department has been troubled for years.
Fran Gomez To Take Over After Denver Sheriff Patrick Firman ResignsDenver Sheriff Patrick Firman will resign from his position this week. Firman will be replaced by interim Sheriff Fran Gomez.
Fran Gomez Named Denver's Interim SheriffFran Gomez will be the first woman to lead the department.
Patrick Firman To Step Down As Denver Sheriff On Oct. 15Denver Sheriff Patrick Firman will resign from his position effective Oct. 15.
Dog That Was Abandoned By Owner Now Thriving As A Police DogAfter a dog's owner abandoned her, the Denver Sheriff Department took her in and treated her as one of their own. Now she's thriving as an explosives detection dog.
Denver Sheriff Department Honors Fallen DeputiesThe Denver Sheriff Department honored and remembered fallen deputies in a special ceremony on Monday.
Good Girl! K9 'Tay' Celebrates Her Retirement From Denver Sheriff's DepartmentThe Denver Sheriff's Department congratulated one of their own for almost seven years on the job (almost 49 dog years).
Deputy Arrested, Charged For Forging Military Leave OrdersA Denver Sheriff's deputy is accused of forging military order to get paid time off. Now, he's on investigative leave from the department.
Downward Dog, Child's Pose Part Of Training New RecruitsRecruits in the Denver Sheriff Department are learning yoga as part of their deputy training.
Deputies Do Yoga To Relieve Stress, Enhance Job PerformanceThe Denver Sheriff Department is offering new training at the academy that includes yoga classes.
Deputies Disciplined In March Inmate EscapeTwo Denver Sheriff's deputies are being disciplined after an inmate escaped on their watch.