Denver International Airport Photos Show How Bad Damage Was From Underground Train Wheel FailureA failed hub in a wheel on one of the underground trains at Denver International Airport caused the massive disruption that affected thousands of travelers last month.
Denver International Airport Expects Big Crowds Over Labor Day WeekendDenver International Airport is expecting a lot of travelers over the holiday weekend, up to a million passengers.
DIA Bag Drop Off Service Resumes The free bag drop service has reopened at the transit center at Denver International Airport. The service allows passengers to print their boarding passes and check their bags before heading to the terminal.
Why Aren't The Shuttle Lots Open At Denver International Airport? Blame It On Staffing ChallengesThe Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert shuttle lots have been closed for over a year, and officials say the reason they haven't reopened is due to "staffing challenges."
Denver-Based United Airlines Employees Deployed To Help Evacuate Afghanistan RefugeesDenver-based airline employees are now directly assisting the U.S. Military in their effort to evacuate refugees from Afghanistan.
Denver-Based Airline Workers Asked To Help Evacuate Afghan Refugees And U.S. Military MembersThe “Civil Reserve Air Fleet” is a nearly 70-year-old program which calls on commercial airlines in the United States to provide their services to the federal government during a time of crisis. 
Colorado Mother, Daughters Flee Afghanistan, Land At Denver International AirportA Colorado mother and her two daughters landed at Denver International Airport after waiting days to get out of Afghanistan.
Denver International Airport 'Exploring Options' For Alternative Ways To Move PassengersThere have been at least four issues with the trains in a little over a month, raising new questions about why there isn’t a second option for moving passengers.
'Worst I Have Seen DIA': Passengers React To Train Delays, Power OutageThe problem was a train car that goes between the concourses got a flat tire which triggered a power cutoff.
Denver International Airport Says They've Fixed Underground Train IssueLong lines for travelers at Denver International Airport are expected to start easing up after issues with the underground trains have been resolved.
FAA Issues Ground Stop, Denver International Airport Says Expect Major Delays Due To Stormy WeatherThe FAA issued a ground stop for Denver International Airport Thursday afternoon.