State House To Debate Death Penalty Repeal Before VoteColorado lawmakers in the state House will have their final debate on Monday night before an expected vote on a repeal of the death penalty. The state Senate passed the repeal on Jan. 31.
State Lawmakers Take Up Death Penalty Repeal Again - This Time They Could SucceedIn 1859, Colorado carried out its first execution.
Death Penalty Repeal Proposed By Colorado LawmakersColorado lawmakers are are making their sixth attempt in the past 12 years to repeal the death penalty in Colorado by introducing a new bill. The proposal is getting bipartisan support.
Lawmakers Drop Bill To Repeal Death Penalty In ColoradoColorado's Senate has indefinitely postponed consideration of a bill to repeal the death penalty, apparently lacking the votes to remove the little-used penalty from the books.
Death Penalty Bill Draws Criticism From Shooting Victims & District AttorneysThe survivor of what's known as the Chuck 'E' Cheese massacre pleaded with lawmakers not to do away with the death penalty.
Democrats Push Bill To Repeal The Death Penalty In ColoradoDemocrats who control Colorado's Legislature are rushing to act on a bill to repeal the state's little-used death penalty.
Lawmakers Hear Bill To Ban Death Penalty: 'It Undermines Our Criminal Justice System'A bill has been introduced in the Colorado State Legislature that would ban the death penalty in the state.
Washington State Supreme Court Declares Death Penalty UnconstitutionalWashington's Supreme Court unanimously struck down the state's death penalty Thursday as arbitrary and racially biased.
Nebraska Executes First Inmate Using FentanylNebraska carried out its first execution in more than two decades on Tuesday with a drug combination never tried before, including the first use of the powerful opioid fentanyl in a lethal injection.
Trump's Plan For Opioid Crisis Includes Death Penalty For High-Volume TraffickersPresident Trump has previously said "a drug dealer will kill 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 people during the course of his or her life" and not be punished as much as a murderer.
Mennonite Investigator Released From Jail, To Testify In Death Penalty CaseA Mennonite woman jailed over her refusal to testify in a death penalty case has been released on the order of a judge.