Lawmakers Strike 11th Hour Deal To Save State PensionState lawmakers strike an 11th hour deal to stabilize Colorado’s pension system which has $32 billion in unfunded obligations.
Bipartisan Compromise Reached On Much Needed Transportation BillAfter years of gridlock, Democrats and Republicans appear to have reached a compromise on transportation funding. The move comes in the final days of the legislative session at the state Capitol.
State Lawmakers Address Teacher Shortage With BillsColorado lawmakers are reviewing four different bills that address the shortage of teachers in some school districts.
Lawmakers Debate Fate Of Representatives Accused Of Sexual AssaultState lawmakers are doing something they haven't done in more than a century.
Lawmakers At Odds Over State Division That Investigates DiscriminationThe group that investigates claims of discrimination in Colorado might lose its state funding.
State Lawmakers Debate Affordable Child Care OptionsState lawmakers are debating the best way to make child care more affordable in Colorado.
Roads, Schools, Pensions Top Colorado Legislative IssuesColorado House Speaker Crisanta Duran and Senate President Kevin Grantham have gaveled in the 2018 legislative session.
Colorado House Speaker Dismisses Complaint Against DemocratColorado's Democratic state House speaker has dismissed a sexual harassment complaint against Democratic Rep. Paul Rosenthal of Denver.
State Lawmakers Push For Sexual Harassment Training Before Next Legislative SessionThe Colorado House and Senate Leadership took steps Friday to improve the legislature’s policies on sexual harassment.
Second Colorado Lawmaker Accused Of Sexual HarassmentA second Colorado lawmaker is under fire of allegations of sexual harassment. State Rep. Paul Rosenthal (D-Denver) denies the accusations.
House Speaker Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Second LawmakerColorado's Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran is responding to sexual harassment allegations being posed against a second state lawmaker.