Denver Weather: Storm Set To Bring Rain And Snow To Colorado On TuesdayThe best chance for rain showers in Denver is 2-6 p.m. with decreasing chances through midnight. There's also a possibility of some snowflakes.
Colorado National Guard Helps Save Baby Girl During BlizzardThanks to the Colorado National Guard, a baby in Loveland made it through last weekend's blizzard.
Weld County Used Military Vehicle For Rescues During Colorado BlizzardThe Weld County Sheriff's Office used Rescue 1 to help dozens of stranded motorists during the Colorado blizzard.
Colorado Weather: Weekend Will Start Warm But End With Spring SnowWinter ends today and spring arrives tomorrow. Both days will be warm with more melting snow.
Aurora Resident Builds 12 Foot Tall Snow Owl After BlizzardAll the snow left behind from last weekend's blizzard gave some Colorado residents the opportunity to show off their creative side.
CSU Campus Warning After Blizzard: Avoid Standing Under Damaged TreesAfter last weekend's blizzard dropped 23 inches of snow on Fort Collins and took down trees, Colorado State University officials are warning people not to walk under or park under any trees on campus.
'Build Up A Little Good Karma': Man In Wheelchair Asks That Ramps Not Be Forgotten During Snow RemovalFollowing the significant snowstorm of 2021 some people who rely on wheelchairs to get out and exercise say they’re still trapped from doing so thanks to insufficient plowing and shoveling.
'Called All Day': Drivers Left To Pay Hundreds Of Dollars To Retrieve Abandoned CarsSome drivers who abandoned their vehicles during Sunday's blizzard have now been jolted by the fact they have to pay to get the vehicle back from tow lots.
Neighbors In Fort Collins Work Together To Clean Up Blizzard DebrisTwo days after wrapping up a big snow storm, Fort Collins still looks a little rough around the edges and pudgy with snow in the middle.
VIDEO: T-Rex Skis Off Roof After Colorado BlizzardAndrew Brown skied off the roof in Evergreen, where they got two feet of new snow over the weekend.
Mexican Dust Found In Snow Left From Colorado BlizzardThe snowstorm that broke records and brought parts of the Rockies to a standstill had something else that was quite literally buried in the snow: a layer of brownish snow that fell in Colorado with dust that had traveled all the way from Mexico.