Denver Honks Horns, Bangs Pots After Joe Biden Projected To Win PresidencyThe news of Joe Biden being projected to be the 46th President of the United States sent Coloradans to the streets Saturday morning.
'We Need To Be Patient': Former Gov. Bill Owens Urges Calm During Final Ballot Counts“What we need to do is let the process work out and count all the ballots and then let’s have ourselves either a re-elected president or a new president.”
Black Lives Matter Protests Drive Turnout Among African American, Young VotersAfrican Americans one of the voting blocks that turned out in record numbers. They broke overwhelmingly for Joe Biden and will be a deciding factor in the states still counting.
'Idea Of Widespread Fraud, Conspiracy Against Election Is Just False': Election Law Attorney Examines Ballot Count Lawsuits"The US Supreme Court will be hesitant to take the case and review it unless Pennsylvania's electoral votes matter."
Former Gov. Bill Owens Says We Shouldn't 'Question The Validity Of Our Elections'The last Republican governor of Colorado is speaking out about this week's historic presidential race.
Can Faithless Electors Change Outcome Of 2020 Election?The Supreme Court sided with Colorado unanimously, saying, in effect, that legislatures set the procedures for choosing electors to the Electoral College -- and have leeway.
Reintroducing Gray Wolves: Colorado Parks And Wildlife Wants Input From Residents"We will need input from Coloradans across our state," state wildlife officials said.
Reintroducing Gray Wolves: Colorado Parks And Wildlife Developing Plan After Groups Opposing Proposition 114 ConcedeVoters in Colorado have approved a measure that requires Colorado Parks and Wildlife to come up with a plan to reintroduce and manage gray wolves.
Proposition 113 Approved, Colorado's Presidential Electoral Votes Could Still Go To Winner Of National Popular VoteColorado voters have chosen to keep a law passed by state Democrats on the books that would commit the state’s presidential electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.
Can The Colorado Republican Party Recover From The 2020 Blue Wave?The Colorado Republican Party will likely do a post mortem after the 2020 election.
Denver Voters Approve Sales Tax Increase To Fund Services For HomelessThe money will be used for building housing, expanding rental assistance, and expanding access to 24-hour shelters and services.