Karen Morfitt<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1371819" src="" alt="facebook" width="32" height="32" /><strong>Connect with Karen on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1371820" src="" alt="twitter" width="33" height="32" /><strong>Follow Karen on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1371821" src="" alt="email" width="32" height="32" /><strong>Send Karen An Email</strong></a> Karen Morfitt joined the CBS4 news team in August 2013. As a Colorado native and proud CSU Ram, she is thrilled to be reporting the news in her home state. Prior to joining CBS4, Karen was a reporter for KKTV in Colorado Springs where she covered two of our state’s most devastating wildfires; the Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012 and the Black Forest Fire in 2013. “The way Coloradans came together during that time was inspiring. Many of the families I spoke with had just lost everything they owned and still wanted nothing more than to help others. It was truly amazing,” she said. Karen got her start in journalism in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she worked as a weekend producer and reporter for KLKN-TV. There she covered a variety of stories from the state capitol to agriculture and Husker football. She became a journalist because she has always asked a lot of questions and feels she can be a voice for people who need answers. Born and raised in Delta, Colorado, she graduated from Delta High School and went on to earn her journalism degree from Colorado State University. To help pay for college she worked every summer at a coal mine near her hometown. In her free time, Karen enjoys watching movies, being outdoors and spending time with her husband, family and friends. She loves to travel but is proud to call Colorado home.   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Role Model:</strong> My parents <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> Anything involving heights <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> CSU <strong>• Star Sign:</strong> Capricorn <strong>• Year Hired:</strong> 2013 <strong>• Why I am a journalist:</strong> I get to tell a new story every day <strong>• Favorite Food:</strong> Cheeseburgers <strong>• Favorite Sports Team:</strong> Denver Broncos <strong>• Favorite Vacation Spot:</strong> Paris <strong>• Favorite Word:</strong> Can <strong>• Least Favorite Word:</strong> Can’t <strong>• Favorite Noise:</strong> My niece and nephew giggling <strong>• Least Favorite Noise:</strong> Gum smacking <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Family <strong>• What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Becoming a journalist <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Lauren Whitney<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Lauren on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Lauren on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Lauren An Email</strong></a> CBS4 Meteorologist Lauren Whitney loves the excitement of Colorado weather and the challenge of tracking its unique weather patterns and rapidly changing conditions. Lauren joined the CBS4 This Morning team in 2011 and moved to the night newscasts in 2016. Before her start in Denver, Lauren was the morning weather anchor in Grand Junction at KKCO-TV (NBC). [anvplayer video="3823322"] Lauren is originally from Minnesota and later moved to Phoenix, the city she calls home. She has a B.A. degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, where she minored in Political Science, and a B.S. degree in Geosciences with a concentration in Broadcast and Operational Meteorology from Mississippi State University. Lauren is an avid sports fan and had a unique first job working for the Arizona Diamondbacks where she was the "Game Host" roving through the stands and announcing contests on the Jumbotron at Chase Field. Although she’s a Broncos fan, she also bleeds purple for the Minnesota Vikings. Covering two Super Bowls for CBS has been among the highlights of Lauren's broadcasting career. Weather was a story for the 2014 Broncos vs. Seahawks "cold weather" Super Bowl, with a major snowstorm narrowly missing the game in East Rutherford, NJ, but stranding thousands of fans the next day. Two years later in San Francisco, it was perfect weather when the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. "Experiences of a lifetime" is how Lauren describes being on the CBS4 Super Bowl broadcast teams. Being a part of the community she lives in is very important to Lauren. She is a volunteer with the <a href="">Junior League of Denver</a> -- whose focus is to improve literacy rates in the Denver metro area -- and enjoys emceeing events for nonprofit organizations, including <a href="">Volunteers of America</a> and the <a href="">Denver Health Foundation</a>. <strong>Just The Facts</strong> <strong>Year hired:</strong> 2011 <strong>First TV appearance:</strong> Fox Sports Arizona in college, previewing an Arizona State vs. Oregon football game <strong>Other possible career:</strong> Hallmark card designer <strong>Dream job:</strong> To play with puppies every day <strong>Secret desire:</strong> Again, the puppies <strong>Favorite word:</strong> Yes <strong>Least favorite word:</strong> No <strong>Favorite sounds:</strong> The very quiet when it snows, the sound of rain on my windows, and all of my loved ones laughing together. <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Fantastic! <strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> Meatloaf. I asked him one question and he talked for 10 minutes. You don’t interrupt Meatloaf. <strong>Hidden talent:</strong> If eating a whole bag of Sour Patch Kids is a considered a talent, then I'm at a professional level. <strong>Favorite quote:</strong> “All the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.” -Shel Silverstein. <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Mac and Cheese; so good. There aren’t many things better than homemade mac and cheese. And my grandma’s cookies. I have the recipe memorized. <strong>Favorite musician:</strong> Changes with my mood, the weather, and the season. <strong>Interesting fact:</strong> I'm 5-foot-11. When meeting me for the first time, people are often surprised that I'm a tall person. <strong>Hobbies:</strong> I’m pretty crafty (I’m on a first-name basis with the staff at my favorite craft store); getting lost in a good book, making <a href="">Britt Moreno</a> try recipes I'm testing, napping on cloudy days, going to movies. <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Folding laundry. Who needs matching socks? <strong>What’s on your playlist?</strong> Mostly country music. I like to listen to other people’s playlists to discover new tunes. <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Colorado sunrises. And the wide array of local beers. <strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Meryl Streep or Hugh Jackman. I’ve heard they’re pretty good. <strong>Role model:</strong> Overnight nurses. Anytime I’m tired, I think of what they do every night. It’s pretty incredible. <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> Arizona State University - Go Devils! Mississippi State. <strong>Favorite sports teams:</strong> Broncos! All of Colorado’s teams. The Arizona Diamondbacks. And of course, my Arizona State Sun Devils. <strong>Star sign:</strong> Capricorn, I’m a pretty accurate description of my sign. Don’t mess with me! <strong>Hometown</strong>: I was born in the chill of St. Cloud, Minnesota, raised in the heat of Phoenix Arizona. <strong>Number of pets:</strong> None, I make friends with all the dogs in my neighborhood. <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> Just me! <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Dominic Garcia<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Dominic on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Dominic on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Dominic An Email</strong></a> Colorado is a part of Dominic's DNA. A 3rd generation native, he grew up in Southwest Denver and attended Thomas Jefferson High School. That's also where he got his start in TV, delivering the school's morning video announcements. After graduation he headed up north to Colorado State University, where he majored in Communications and worked at the student run TV station, CTV. [anvplayer video="3841185"] Dominic's broadcasting career started at KOAT, the ABC affiliate in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He spent three years in the Land of Enchantment covering the entire state. Crime, courts, snow storms ... he covered it all. But his favorite stories were always about the people that make New Mexico so interesting. Dominic profiled Brett Weitzel, a cancer survivor who had his leg amputated but still managed to compete in mountain bike events. After his time in New Mexico, Dominic started his first stint at CBS4. During his three years back in Colorado he covered some of the biggest stories to hit the state. The day of the Aurora theater shooting Dominic reported live from the suspect's booby trapped house as police made their way in. He also covered the Waldo Canyon Fire that scorched more than 18,000 acres, destroyed hundreds of homes, and took the lives of two people. On a lighter note, Dominic was also thrust into the Tim Tebow mania in 2011 and flew out to Boston to cover the Broncos in their playoff game against the Patriots. In 2013 his wife's job took them to San Diego, where Dominic worked for the local CBS affiliate, the number 1 station in the market. There, he reported from the front lines of the Cocos Fire that destroyed 36 homes. He also flew to Idaho to cover the abduction of teenager Hannah Anderson, a story that caught national attention. In addition to reporting, Dominic was the station's primary fill in anchor. He also anchored sports and covered the move of the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles. Prior to his return to CBS4, he worked on a documentary about the 75th anniversary or Pearl Harbor and won an Emmy for it. Dominic is married to his college sweetheart, Meghan, a native of Golden who works as a physician at National Jewish. They live in Lakewood with their mini Goldendoodle, Vail ... named after the mountain town where they were married. Dominic loves golf, history, and skiing (He worked the ski lifts at Breckenridge in college). You can catch him weeknights anchoring CBS4 News at 5 p.m. and reporting for the 10 p.m. newscast. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> 5 p.m. anchor and 10 p.m. reporter <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 2010-2013 and again in 2017 <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> Thomas Jefferson H.S. in Denver and Colorado State University <strong>• Why I am journalist:</strong> I love history, why not be there while it’s happening. I'm also terrible at math. <strong>• Most memorable interview:</strong> There’s honestly too many to count. I meet interesting/colorful characters everywhere. <strong>• Dream interview:</strong> George Washington <strong>• Role model:</strong> My parents and grandfather Luis Garcia, a WWII Veteran <strong>• Dream job:</strong> Golf Course Architect <strong>• First story:</strong> I was working in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I interviewed the family of fallen soldier Army Pfc. Henry G. Byrd III who died after collapsing while on patrol in Iraq. <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Denver, Colorado! <strong>• Hobbies:</strong> Golf, Traveling, Cycling, Skiing, and Photography <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Just about anything. From fancy sushi to street tacos I'll eat it. <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> 1 awesome sister, Kate. <strong>• Number of pets:</strong> 1 Mini Goldendoodle, Vail. Named after the mountain town my wife and I got married in. <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche <strong>• Favorite author:</strong> David McCullough "1776" <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Europe. Love Germany and Austria <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Driven <strong>• Least favorite household chore:</strong> All of them <strong>• Favorite noise:</strong> Sound of a golf ball falling in the cup and aspen leaves in a breeze <strong>• Least favorite noise:</strong> Alarm Clock <strong>• Favorite music:</strong> Tupac, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Earth Wind & Fire <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Family, mountains, skiing, hiking, sports, golf ... and the list goes on and on and on. <strong>• What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Moving to California while my wife finished her medical residency. Turned out to be a great experience. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Melissa Garcia<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Melissa on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Melissa An Email</strong></a> Delighted to be back in the city where she was born and raised, Melissa Garcia joined CBS4 Denver in March of 2014. Before returning home, Melissa reported the news for WOAI-TV in San Antonio. Prior to her work in South Texas, Melissa spent more than two years anchoring, reporting, and producing Abilene's only Spanish newscast for KTES-TV Telemundo. She focused the majority of her time in the Key City working the Crime & Courts beat for KTXS-TV. Before reporting the news, Melissa hit the airwaves as an entertainment spotlight host on KCKK-FM in Denver. She also enjoyed a more recent stint in Denver radio after becoming "mom" to her daughter Sienna. "I feel fortunate to be a part of CBS4," said Melissa, of coming on board with her favorite local news team. "It's the station I grew up watching." And it’s also where she got her start in television as a college intern. Melissa graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a B.A. in Communication and Certificate in Conflict Management. While earning her degree, she spent a year studying in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula to improve her Spanish fluency. Throughout her career in journalism, Melissa has worked on investigative reports, advocacy pieces, and human interest stories in addition to general assignments and breaking news. Some of her most memorable reports/series include digging up cold case murders, exposing local prostitution and accompanying C.P.S. investigators to the homes of abused children. Her many military stories shed light on the brave men and women who've fought for our country -and the striking challenges they face when returning home from war. One of her favorite pieces: saving a father from losing his home, which had been mistakenly foreclosed due to a bank error. Among her varied news repertoire, Melissa's coverage of a town overrun by rattlesnakes aired nationally. She also broke the national story of a beauty queen whose title was revoked for eating "too many tacos," along with the case of a severely burned wounded warrior who found a second career as a stand-up comedian in Las Vegas. Alongside countless passions, Melissa loves scuba diving, travel to foreign lands, documentaries, animals and most anything that involves creativity. "Our lives on this Earth are about learning and growing," Melissa says. "And it's mostly through our own challenges that we grow." <strong>Just The Facts</strong> <strong>Position</strong> Reporter <strong>Year Hired</strong> 2014 <strong>Most memorable interview</strong> Tim McGraw <strong>Dream interview</strong> God <strong>Role model</strong> Happy people living with severe disabilities <strong>Dream job</strong> Rock Star/Singer <strong>Job I would never attempt</strong> Financial Advisor <strong>First TV appearance</strong> As a child, I was interviewed at the Iced Tea stand that I set up to raise money for victims of the Oklahoma City bombing <strong>Favorite story</strong> Busting a phone scammer who conned an elderly widow out of her life savings <strong>Why I am a journalist</strong> I have a passion for telling stories— and there is never a shortage of stories to tell <strong>Hidden talent</strong> My dreams predict the future <strong>What makes me laugh</strong> Crank calls (i.e. – The Jerky Boys) <strong>Favorite food</strong> Ethnic <strong>Fuel for the soul</strong> Music <strong>Number of siblings</strong> 3 <strong>Number of pets</strong> 1 – “Dixie Pig,” the Shih Tzu <strong>Favorite book</strong> Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav <strong>Favorite movie</strong> Planes, Trains, and Automobiles <strong>Favorite vacation place</strong> Mexico <strong>Favorite sound</strong> Thunderstorm <strong>What one word best describes CBS4</strong> Legit <strong>What keeps me in Colorado</strong> Family, Seasons, Landscape, Quality of Life <strong>The biggest risk I've taken</strong> Becoming a mom <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Rick Sallinger<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Rick on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Rick An Email</strong></a> Rick has been with CBS4 since 1993. He has covered virtually every major story in Colorado during that time including the Columbine High School shootings, the Oklahoma City bombing trials, the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the Kobe Bryant case, catastrophic wildfires, the Aurora Theater massacre and many more. Rick's stories have appeared numerous times on the CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, The CBS Early Show, CBS Sunday Morning and CBS Weekend News. His investigative reporting has received numerous commendations, including the George Foster Peabody Award, considered one of broadcasting's highest honors. Rick is a native of Chicago and earned his bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Illinois. His career has included radio reporting in Cleveland and Chicago. He has been a television news reporter in Indianapolis (WRTV), Denver (KUSA/KCNC), Chicago (WMAQ) and London (CNN). In 1990, Rick signed on to become a correspondent for CNN's London bureau. The very next day, Iraq invaded Kuwait, and within the next three years, he made five trips to Iraq, five to Jordan and one to Kuwait, and spent two and a half months, including the entire first Gulf War, in Saudi Arabia. During his years with CNN, he covered the reunification of Germany, the war in Yugoslavia, and other major events in Moscow, Somalia, Northern Ireland, Paris, Geneva, Spain and Denmark. When Rick left Denver in 1986 to puruse his career goals The Denver Post wrote that his ambition was to one day return. He has achieved that and is proud to call Colorado his home.   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Favorite story:</strong> Collecting and delivering shoes for Cambodians in refugee camps <strong>• What's the biggest risk you've taken? </strong> War correspondent (in 3 wars) <strong>• Year hired: </strong> 1993 <strong>• First TV appearance: </strong> 1956 "Lunchtime Little Theater" WNBQ (now WMAQ-TV) in audience <strong>• Why I am a journalist: </strong> Get to see much that I would not be able to otherwise <strong>• Alma Mater: </strong> University of Illinois <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> None <strong>• Hometown: </strong> Chicago <strong>• Number of children:</strong> 2 <strong>• Hobbies: </strong> Travel, skiing <strong>• Favorite musicians:</strong> The Beatles <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> 1 brother <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> Chicago Cubs <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Friendly <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Mountains, job, weather <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Dave Aguilera<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Dave on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Dave on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Dave An Email</strong></a> Dave is a Colorado native. He is an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist born in Pueblo. He has worked in every television market in the state and has been at CBS4 a long time .. since 1993! [anvplayer video="3780297"] Having lived through and reported on many major weather events, including everything from droughts and floods to blizzards and tornadoes and has seen how the weather deeply affects people. He has been a TV and Radio broadcaster in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region since 1986. He is, perhaps foremost, an optimist, which is a good thing to be when people tend to blame you for the bad weather. But no matter what the sky is doing, Dave looks forward to coming to work, and he always tries to bring a little sunshine into the lives of his audience, no matter what it's doing outside. As far back as his senior year in high school, Dave knew he wanted to work in television, but he assumed it would be delivering news. After graduating in 1987 from Colorado State University/Pueblo (formerly University of Southern Colorado) with a Bachelor of Science degree in mass communications/journalism, he found his direction shifting. His interests were definitely looking up - literally. Everything Dave wanted to know was now in the sky. He went on to earn a Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. He holds the American Meteorological Society's Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation, a professional recognition of the quality of his weather broadcasts. Among radio and television meteorologists, the CBM designation is sought as a mark of distinction and recognition. Dave is a member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorology Society and holds the Television Seal of Approval from both organizations. Dave has worked as a weather anchor at KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico; KOAA-TV in Pueblo/Colorado Springs, Colorado; and at KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado. He also worked as a news reporter/anchor for KHOW-Radio and KOA-Radio in Denver, and as a Disc Jockey for KCCY, KRYT and KDZA, in Pueblo. In September 1993, Dave accomplished the goal he had set for himself in college by joining CBS4 as a meteorologist. Dave spends a lot of his time every year teaching thousands of elementary school children across the Front Range. Encouraging students to become part of the CBS4 team by becoming <a href="">Junior Weather Watchers</a>. Dave participates in and emcees numerous fundraising events for nonprofit groups throughout the year. He feels the community has given him so much and this is his way to give back. His hopes for the future are to continue to work for CBS4. Living in Denver, which he thinks is the "greatest city in the country," means playing golf when the weather is nice, skiing when it's snowing, and coaching his kids soccer and basketball teams in-between. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> Meteorologist <strong>• Role model:</strong> My mother <strong>• Dream job:</strong> Indy race car driver <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> This is home, born & raised here <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> Colorado State University - Pueblo, Mississippi State University, Starkville <strong>• Star sign:</strong> Leo <strong>• Year hired: </strong> 1993 <strong>• First TV appearance:</strong> 1987, KOAA-TV, Pueblo <strong>• Hobbies:</strong> Golf, racquetball, coaching his  kids basketball, football and soccer teams <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Anything on my plate <strong>• Favorite musicians:</strong> Carlos Santana, John Mellencamp <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> Denver Broncos <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Disney World <strong>• Favorite word:</strong> Graupel <strong>• Favorite noise:</strong> Rain on the roof <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Tori Mason<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Tori on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Tori on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Tori An Email</strong></a> CBS4 Morning Reporter Tori Mason was born and raised in central Florida, but loves calling Denver home! Before joining CBS4 in August 2017, Tori reported, produced and anchored at WIBW-TV in Topeka, Kansas. She has won Kansas Press Club and Kansas Association of Broadcasters awards for her feature reporting. Tori anchored both morning and evening weekend newscasts, so she's used to the early mornings! Tori got her start in broadcast journalism at WAFB in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She interned in the sports department throughout college, covering the Saints, Pelicans and her all-time favorite LSU Tigers. Tori graduated with honors from Louisiana State University on a Guaranty Broadcasting scholarship. She never misses a chance to say "GEAUX TIGERS" and defend Les Miles. She's an alumna of Pi Beta Phi sorority and LSU's student media station TigerTV. In her spare time, you can find Tori exploring Colorado and finally enjoying a life without humidity. She loves sports and is elated to be in a city where she can attend nearly every type of sporting event. If the Tigers are on TV, Tori is in front of one. She considers herself a foodie, but will gladly eat pizza 7 days a week. Tori loves bringing unique characters to life in her reporting, which is why she chose to tell stories at CBS4. She says Denver is the most beautiful, eclectic and interesting place she's ever been -- and that says a lot, because she's from Florida. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 2017 <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> Louisiana State University - Geaux Tigers! <strong>• Why I am journalist:</strong> I get to expose the bad and highlight the good <strong>• Most memorable interview:</strong> Parker Monhollon (look her up) <strong>• Dream interview:</strong> Marshawn Lynch <strong>• Role model:</strong> Oprah <strong>• Dream Job:</strong> Oprah's assistant <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> Flight attendant <strong>• Star sign:</strong> Libra <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> Tap dancing <strong>• Favorite musician:</strong> The Weeknd <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Orlando <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Pizza Hut Pan Pizza <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> I'm the youngest of 3 (by ten years!) <strong>• Number of pets:</strong> I have a Chihuahua named Brown Boy. <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> LSU Tigers <strong>• Favorite writer:</strong> Maya Angelou <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> My parent’s house <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Genuine <strong>• Least favorite household chore:</strong> FOLDING LAUNDRY <strong>• Least favorite noise:</strong> Microwave beeping <strong>• Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Jurnee Smollet <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Matt Kroschel<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Matt on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Matt on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Matt An Email</strong></a> Colorado native Matt Kroschel is an Emmy award winning journalist with a career that has followed some of the nation's biggest stories. [anvplayer video="3780262"] Kroschel's career has taken him across the country, where he chased tornadoes in Alabama, and covered wildfires on the Western Slope of Colorado. Kroschel joins CBS4 as the station’s Mountain Newsroom Reporter. He is based in Frisco, but you can expect to see him anywhere news is breaking in the mountain region. Kroschel grew up in Chaffee County, along the banks of the Arkansas River. He attended Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. Kroschel started his reporting career with CBS in Grand Junction where he became well known for his unique take on issues happening in the community. While working with the CBS station in Huntsville, Alabama, Kroschel covered crime and breaking news extensively. He worked with a team to create a documentary following the lives of several community members connected to the Boys and Girls Club. The story earned Kroschel his first Emmy. <h2>Just The Facts</h2> <ul> <li><strong>Position</strong>: Mountain Newsroom Reporter</li> <li><strong>Year hired</strong>: 2015</li> <li><strong>Alma Mater</strong>: Colorado Mesa University</li> <li><strong>Dream job</strong>: I watched CBS4 growing up in Salida and from age 6 I knew THIS was the dream!</li> <li><strong>Star sign</strong>: Leo</li> <li><strong>First TV appearance</strong>: KREX TV 2010</li> <li><strong>Hometown</strong>:  Poncha Springs, Colorado</li> <li><strong>Number of siblings</strong>: One younger sister</li> <li><strong>Number of pets</strong>: My pup #Noah (yes the # is part of his legal name)</li> <li><strong>Favorite vacation spot</strong>: New Orleans</li> <li><strong>What one word best describes CBS4</strong>: passion</li> <li><strong>Least favorite household chore</strong>: Washing dishes</li> <li><strong>Least favorite words</strong>: moist, flee</li> <li><strong>Favorite music:</strong> Mumford and Sons</li> <li><strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> This is my state, I love the people and stay for the views.</li> </ul> <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Ashton Altieri<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1492788" src="" alt="Ashton Altieri" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Ashton on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Ashton on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Ashton An Email</strong></a> Meteorologist Ashton Altieri is proud to be a part of the popular CBS4 This Morning weekdays from 4:30-7 a.m. [anvplayer video="3780277"] Ashton joined the CBS4 Weather Team in the summer of 2016 after working at WFAA-TV in Dallas. Prior to his time in Texas, he spent seven years at 9NEWS in Denver. He always knew he wanted to eventually return to Colorado because of its four distinct seasons and the unique challenges that come with forecasting Front Range weather. Originally from New Jersey, Ashton spent most of his time growing up in Michigan where he competed at the state level in Cross Country and Track and also became an Eagle Scout. He continues to be active in scouting and Ashton credits his passion for weather to earning the weather merit badge when he was 12 years old. An unforgettable encounter with a nearby tornado while on a camping trip the same year sealed his interest in the subject. Ashton studied Meteorology and Broadcasting at Central Michigan University where he earned his undergraduate degree in 2002. He then moved to rural Mississippi and received a Master’s of Science in Geosciences from Mississippi State University in 2004. While in college, he worked at WLNS-TV in Lansing, Michigan and WCBI-TV in Columbus, Mississippi. He has also worked at television stations in Des Moines and Sacramento. His education and on-air work has earned him the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation from the American Meteorological Society. He also holds the Television Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association. Each year Ashton visits dozens of schools along the Front Range to speak with students about weather and the importance of studying math and science. A life-long fan of the outdoors, Ashton enjoys running, hiking, playing sand volleyball, skiing and his all-time favorite; snowboarding! He lives in Denver with his beautiful wife Jennifer and their son Ayden. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong><strong>• Position:</strong></strong> Morning Meteorologist <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 2016 <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> Central Michigan University, Go Chippewas! <strong>• Role model:</strong> My parents <strong>• Dream job:</strong> This one. I am literally living the dream. <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> Phlebotomist <strong>• Star sign:</strong> Leo <strong>• First TV appearance:</strong> 3rd grade. In the background while on a school tour of the CBS station in Detroit. Hi Mom!! <strong>• Why I am a Meteorologist:</strong> Weather is fascinating and I crave opportunities to explain why. <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> Nothing that could be labeled "talent" <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Saline, Michigan <strong>• Number of children:</strong> 1 son, Ayden <strong>• Hobbies:</strong> Running, Sand Volleyball, Skiing, Snowboarding, Weather!! <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Italian <strong>• Favorite musician:</strong> Mumford & Sons <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> 1 sister <strong>• Number of pets:</strong> 0 (for now!) <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> Go Rockies! <strong>• Favorite author:</strong> Jon Krakauer <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Mackinac Island <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Empowering <strong>• Least favorite household chore:</strong> Cleaning the bathroom <strong>• Favorite word:</strong> Derecho <strong>• Least favorite words:</strong> "Not possible" <strong>• Favorite noise:</strong> My snowboard carving powder <strong>• Least favorite noise:</strong> My snowboard on ice <strong>• Favorite music:</strong> Classic and alternative rock <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Um, look at that view! (Plus 25 different ski areas) <strong>• Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Joseph Gordon-Levitt <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Shaun Boyd<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Shaun on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Shaun An Email</strong></a> Shaun Boyd is an award winning reporter with more than 20 years of experience. As CBS4's Political Specialist, she covers the state legislature, national political stories, and she leads our election coverage year after year. In both 2012 and 2016, Shaun traveled to both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention and provided instant analysis of keynote addresses in live reports. She also did one-on-one interviews with eventual presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama and presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. She also hosted numerous debates between Colorado's Congressional candidates. Shaun has covered some of Colorado's biggest political stories in recent years including legislation legalizing civil unions for gay couples, new gun control laws and a ballot measure legalizing marijuana. In addition to covering day-to-day political stories, Shaun also fact-checks political ads in her "Reality Check" series. She has received numerous Emmy nominations and regional awards from her peers in the industry and has also won the respect of those she works with in law enforcement and firefighting. The Emergency Services Public Information Officers organization named her its media person of the year in 2003. Shaun is a native of Michigan and graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame. She worked as a reporter at KGAN-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and as an anchor/reporter at WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan before coming to CBS4 in 1998. She is married to former CBS4 reporter turned prosecutor, Raj Chohan. They have twins and a dog. In her free time, Shaun enjoys watching her son play ice hockey and her daughter figure skate. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Dr. Dave Hnida<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Dave on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Dave An Email</strong></a> CBS4's Dr. Dave Hnida is a busy practicing physician and an award-broadcasting journalist. As the Medical Editor, Dr. Dave brings a family doctor to your television, answering viewer questions and putting medical headlines and complicated issues into easy-to-understand, usable information. He joined the CBS4 team in September of 1991 covering medicine not only for Denver viewers but also across the country for NBC and CBS News. Hnida was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and completed his internship and residencies at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and Denver General Hospital. He has been working in the Denver area as a family and emergency physician for 25 years. Hnida is a combat-decorated Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. He has served two tours of duty in Iraq since the war began in 2003. His first tour he served as a combat surgeon with the 160th Airborne MP Battalion. His second tour took to a Combat Support Hospital as a trauma surgeon. His book about that second tour is called "Paradise General" and was published in 2010. Hnida is also a medical officer with the National Medical Response Team for Weapons of Mass Destruction, a counter-terrorism medical group. Hnida's CBS4 health reports can be seen on CBS4 News. <a href="">Click here</a> to visit his blog on <h3>Just The Facts</h3> • <strong>Position:</strong> Medical Editor • <strong>Alma Mater: </strong> University of Pennsylvania • <strong>Role model:</strong> Atticus Finch • <strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> Saddam Hussein, April 2004 • <strong>Hidden talent:</strong> Great vacuumer • <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Surfing, running, martial arts, napping • <strong>Who would play you in a movie? </strong>Donald Sutherland • <strong>Why I am a journalist:</strong> So I don't have to get up at 2 a.m. to remove an appendix. • <strong>Number of children:</strong> Four • <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Little hotdogs wrapped in dough • <strong>Dream interview:</strong> Archibald "Moonlight" Graham, M.D. • <strong>Year hired: </strong>1990 • <strong>Dream job:</strong> Lead actor in a Broadway musical • <strong>Star sign:</strong> Falling • <strong>First story: </strong>Don't remember but Bill Stuart was throwing spitballs at me during it. • <strong>Favorite story:</strong> A man walks into a bar ... • <strong>Hometown:</strong> 5 miles from Kathy Walsh's, which explains a lot • <strong>Favorite Musician:</strong> A.I. and Yimmy • <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> 3 • <strong>First TV appearance: </strong>1975, Penn vs. Princeton • <strong>Number of pets:</strong> Just Bettis the dog • <strong>Favorite sports teams:</strong> Oregon Ducks, New Mexico Lobos, Washington Huskies • <strong>Favorite authors:</strong> Arthur Conan Doyle, Ken Follett, Harper Lee • <strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Huntington Beach, Calif. • <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Friends • <strong>Least favorite household chore: </strong>Plunging toilet • <strong>Favorite words:</strong> "You are released from active duty" • <strong>Least favorite word:</strong> Sir • <strong>Favorite noise:</strong> Ocean waves • <strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> Moody's snoring • <strong>Favorite music:</strong> Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Buffet, Bach • <strong>What's the biggest risk you've taken?</strong> Jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Jim Benemann<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Jim on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Jim on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Jim An Email</strong></a> Emmy-award winning journalist Jim Benemann and Karen Leigh are co-anchors of CBS4 at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. [anvplayer video="3828982"] Jim is an outstanding journalist and an exceptional communicator. His passion for his work and his commitment to this community make him one of the most respected broadcasters in Colorado. Jim's anchoring and reporting background has included major assignments on local, national and international stories. He established a broadcasting bureau in Washington D.C., where he covered Capitol Hill, political campaigns and sent home reports from Cuba, Korea, South America and Europe. Jim is a Chicago native. He attended Colorado State University, earning a degree in broadcasting in 1978. His TV news career began in Davenport, Iowa but Jim and his family have always felt at home in Colorado. Prior to returning to CBS4 where he anchored in the early 1990's, Jim worked at Denver's KUSA-TV and at KGW-TV in Portland, Ore. In his spare time, Jim likes tracking the successes of his four fantastic kids, golfing and getting into the beautiful Colorado backcountry. Jim was recently awarded an Emmy for his story called "Marijuana in Colorado", this was Jim's 8th Emmy win. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> Veterans visiting WWII battlefields</li> <li><strong>Dream interview:</strong> The Pope</li> <li><strong>Role model:</strong> Walter Cronkite</li> <li><strong>Dream job:</strong> I have it!</li> <li><strong>Alma Mater:</strong> Colorado State University</li> <li><strong>Star sign:</strong> Leo</li> <li><strong>Year hired:</strong> 2002</li> <li><strong>First TV appearance:</strong> 1979</li> <li><strong>First story:</strong> High school sports, Davenport, Iowa</li> <li><strong>Favorite story:</strong> Too many to count</li> <li><strong>Hidden talent:</strong> Still hidden</li> <li><strong>Hometown:</strong> Wilmette, Ill.</li> <li><strong>Number of children:</strong> 4</li> <li><strong>Hobbies:</strong> Golf, cycling, loafing</li> <li><strong>Favorite food:</strong> Seafood</li> <li><strong>Favorite musician:</strong> John Hiatt</li> <li><strong>Number of siblings:</strong> Two</li> <li><strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Avalanche</li> <li><strong>Favorite author:</strong> Dr. Seuss</li> <li><strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Steamboat Springs</li> <li><strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Professional</li> <li><strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Vacuuming</li> <li><strong>Favorite noise:</strong> Kids laughing</li> <li><strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> Anyone arguing</li> <li><strong>Favorite music:</strong> Alabama Shakes, Black Keys, Bowie</li> <li><strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Who could leave?</li> <li><strong>What's the biggest risk you've taken?</strong> Making Kathy Walsh mad!</li> <li><strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> John Goodman (directed by the Coen Brothers!)</li> </ul> <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Eric Christensen<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Eric on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Eric An Email</strong></a> Eric Christensen is a Denver native who began his broadcasting career back in college at the University of Colorado. What hooked him on being a broadcaster? Eric says performing radio play-by-play for CU football and basketball games and covering the team during its 1990 and 1991 Orange Bowl appearances was the bait. His first paying job was in Scottsbluff, Neb. He was hired as the weekend sports anchor/weekday news reporter. Those weren't his only duties. As an entry level person in TV you learn to wear many hats. Eric anchored the news, did the weather and even read the farm reports. He's still not entirely sure what a sow or gilt is. After 2 years at KDUH-TV, he was hired as the weekend sports anchor/reporter in Kearney, Neb. All in all Eric spent 6 years on TV in the Cornhusker state. His time happened to correspond with the Huskers winning back-to-back National Championships and also included the Bugeaters going 6-0 against his beloved Buffs. (Watching and having to cover the Buffs lose in Lincoln in 1996 was definitely a career lowlight.) Eventually Eric made my way back to Denver and was hired as a sports producer at Clear Channel Communications. He produced several sports talk radio shows and performed play-by-play for many CU men's and women's basketball games. He was also the play-by-play man for the now defunct UPN20 High School Football Game of the Week. CBS4 hired Eric as a sports producer in 2000. He is also a sports reporter and anchor for CBS4. Whether it's watching Peyton Manning single handily change the Broncos' franchise fortunes or covering the Buffs hanging 62 on Nebraska in football and beating Kansas in hoops or the Rockies' magical season in 2007, he says the job is always exciting and seldom disappoints. There's no better drama than sports! Eric is single and has a son. He enjoys watching his son Davis compete in sports, playing golf, reading, cooking and supporting the Buffs. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong> Position:</strong> Sports Producer <strong> Favorite author:</strong> Michael Connelly, Mark Frost & Bruce Plaskett <strong> Most Memorable Interview:</strong> Surprise meeting with Steve Spurrier on his exercise bike at Florida's football stadium before Fla. played Nebraska for the National Championship. <strong> What keeps you in Colorado:</strong> Just look West. It's God's country! <strong> Dream Interview:</strong> Jackie Robinson or Ben Hogan. <strong> Dream job:</strong> Play-by-play on radio for Univ. of Colorado football & basketball <strong> Job you would never attempt:</strong> High rise window cleaner <strong> Alma mater:</strong> University of Colorado (91) <strong> Star Sign:</strong> Virgo <strong> Year Hired:</strong> 1999 <strong> First TV Appearance:</strong> As Jr. in college, interviewed by Channel 9's Kevin Corke during state high school basketball championship <strong> Favorite Story:</strong> Feature on old, retired golf pro who lived in Red Cloud, Ned. He once gave Jack Nicklaus a putting tip that helped him win the U.S. Open. Also how Mike MacIntyre used the movie Finding Nemo to motivate the Buffs. <strong> Why I am a journalist:</strong> Love sports and the drama it provides and it's fun and challenging to tell stories. <strong> Hidden Talent:</strong> I can juggle. <strong> Hometown:</strong> Denver <strong> Birthdate:</strong> Sept. 7, 1968 <strong> No. of kids:</strong> 1 (Davis) <strong> Hobbies:</strong> Golf, tennis and some cooking. <strong> Favorite Food:</strong> Mexican(green chili) <strong> Favorite Musician:</strong> Red Hot Chili Peppers <strong> No. of siblings:</strong> 1 (Matt) <strong> No. of pets:</strong> 0 <strong> Favorite Sports Team:</strong> CU Buffaloes football & basketball <strong> Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Hawaii <strong> Favorite word:</strong> Sweet <strong> Favorite noise:</strong> CU fight song <strong> Least favorite noise:</strong> Nebraska fight song <strong> Favorite music:</strong> Coldplay, Counting Crows, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Jackson Browne, Eagles, Beach Boys, Sam Cooke, Lupe Fiasco and The Rolling Stones. <strong> Biggest risk you've taken:</strong> Taking my first job in TV in Scottsbluff, Neb. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Michael Spencer<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Michael on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Michael on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Michael An Email</strong></a> Michael Spencer began working at CBS4 in June of 2016. His first assignment was going to the White House to cover the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos when they met with President Obama. "I moved to Denver and was doing live shots in Washington D.C. for my first assignment, it was an unbelievable way to make my Denver debut," Michael said. Michael's love for sports started as a young boy. "I remember watching Al Michaels on television and saying, 'I want to do what he does.' I've been privileged to cover sports in some great cities and Denver is a perfect fit. The fans have such a passion for sports which makes it fun to cover, and fun to talk about on a daily basis." Michael's career started at the University of Missouri. After graduation he worked for KMID-TV in Midland, Texas before moving to KAMR-TV in Amarillo, Texas. After Amarillo, Michael moved to WATE-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee before landing a job at CBS4 in Denver. "Denver is a dream city to cover sports in. I can’t think of a better place to be." When he's not watching or covering sports you can find Michael out and about enjoying everything that Denver has to offer. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> Sports Anchor <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 2016 <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> University of Missouri <strong>• Role model:</strong> My dad, he taught me everything I need to know and is the reason I have such a strong love for sports. <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> Working on a snake farm. <strong>• Star sign:</strong> Capricorn <strong>• First TV appearance:</strong> I was a high school senior and got interviewed by a local TV station. We played a trivia game, and got all three answers correct. It's been downhill since then. <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> I'm a fantastic dancer (in my own mind). <strong>• Favorite musician:</strong> George Strait, you can't beat the king. Hometown: San Antonio <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Pizza. You can’t go wrong with pizza, right? <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> I have a younger sister Elizabeth who is the coolest person I know. <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> Is this a trick question? The Broncos, of course. <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Anywhere with my family and friends. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Kelly Werthmann<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /><a href=""><strong>Connect with Kelly on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Kelly on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Kelly An Email</strong></a> Kelly Werthmann absolutely loves living and working in Colorado! Though born in Montana, the Air Academy High School grad and so-called “Army Brat” was raised in Colorado Springs and considers Colorado home. Kelly began her college studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder before earning a degree in Media Communication from Montana State University. [anvplayer video="3780243"] Kelly’s broadcast journalism career began at KTVQ, the CBS affiliate in Billings, Montana, while attending college. She spent about five years there serving in a variety of roles including studio camera operator, associate producer, reporter and fill-in anchor. It was the experiences there creating stories about local artists, community events and the latest technology ‘buzz’ that Kelly developed a real passion for news and storytelling. After working in the Big Sky State, Kelly was called home to Colorado Springs by KXRM, the FOX/CW affiliate for Southern Colorado. She was hired as a general assignment reporter, but often filled in as anchor for the station’s four-hour morning show. Kelly enjoyed covering stories in her hometown, including those that allowed her to explore one of her favorite spots – Garden of the Gods! During her 11-month stint at KXRM, Kelly covered a variety of topics for the city surrounded by military installations, even taking part in Black Hawk pilot training and Air Force deployment drills. Attention to social media and viewer interaction helped Kelly climb the TV news ladder to Colorado's News Channel in 2012, and Kelly's next year-and-a-half was spent working as a reporter for CBS4 This Morning. This period turned out to be a turbulent time in Colorado's history, with destructive wildfires and floods as well as the tragic mass shooting in Aurora. In the summer of 2012, Kelly was back home in Colorado Springs bringing live coverage of the Waldo Canyon Fire as it burned not only in her hometown, but the neighborhood where she grew up. Her coverage of the Black Forest Fire the next year also gained national attention, as Kelly reported live for the CBS Evening News and CBS This Morning. During the state's deadly floods in September 2013, Kelly and photographer Eddie Castro were the first journalists on the scene of a dramatic water rescue, and their report was carried live on CNN as well as affiliates around the world. In December 2013, Kelly traded early mornings for late nights to join the CBS4 News at 10 team. As part of the late-night crew, Kelly often served as a fill-in anchor for the CBS4 Sports team. She helped cover Super Bowl XVIII in New York and most recently joined anchor Mark Haas for CBS4's special coverage of Super Bowl 50 in California. That launched Kelly in the CBS4 This Morning weekend anchor chair for a little more than a year and now she is back to reporting for CBS4 News at 10. When she's not Covering Colorado First for CBS4 News at 10, Kelly enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband, Chris, and their two dogs, Penny & Sheldon.   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>Year hired</strong>: 2012 <strong>Why I'm a journalist</strong>: I get to learn something new every day and meet new people with an interesting story to tell. <strong>Favorite food</strong>: My grandma's pumpkin pie <strong>Number of siblings</strong>: Five – 2 brothers, 2 sisters and a step-sister named Kelly <strong>Pets</strong>: 2 dogs - Penny & Sheldon (Can you tell I’m a fan of CBS' hit TV show "The Big Bang Theory"?!) <strong>Favorite word</strong>: Passion <strong>Least favorite word</strong>: Brewery -- I love 'em, but have the hardest time pronouncing the word! <strong>Favorite noise</strong>: My little siblings' laughter <strong>Least favorite noise</strong>: People smacking their gum, or any food for that matter <strong>What keeps you in Colorado</strong>: Unbeatable views, my family, the kind people who share a passion for the outdoors, Broncos football ... what’s not to love?! <strong>One word to describe CBS4</strong>: Dedicated <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Shawn Chitnis<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Shawn on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Shawn on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Shawn An Email</strong></a> Shawn Chitnis joined the CBS4 news team in August 2015. The move to Colorado is an exciting change for the Northwest native who spent most of his life in Washington state. As a multimedia journalist (MMJ), Shawn not only reports in front of the camera but also shoots and edits his own video. He can also run his own liveshots using a special backpack that sends out a video and audio signal to the station. Shawn came to CBS4 as the station's first overnight reporter. For two years, he was working while you sleep and tried to sleep while you were probably working. After chasing stories that broke overnight, he’s excited to cover a variety of topics that often only happen during daylight. Before moving to Denver, Shawn spent four years as a reporter for the CBS affiliate in Spokane, Washington. He worked as an MMJ and covered a variety of stories including local politics, severe weather and major trials in town. Shawn always enjoyed reporting on the growth of local businesses in the community and changes in education at all grade levels. While at KREM-TV he covered one of the largest wildfires in Washington state history nonstop for 24 hours. He was also the first journalist to sit down with former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal after allegations about her misleading the community about her race were revealed. His interview was picked up by CBS News and other major new organizations around the world. Shawn's first job out of college was also in his home state as a morning reporter and MMJ for KNDO-TV in Yakima, Washington. That job was a chance to return back to the Northwest after spending four years in Los Angeles. He graduated from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC and is a proud Trojan! FIGHT ON! Born and raised in western Washington, Shawn grew up just outside of Seattle. He loves living in a big city again and calling Denver home.   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>Year hired:</strong> 2015 <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> University of Southern California <strong>Hometown:</strong> Seattle <strong>Dream job:</strong> TV Reporter <strong>Role model:</strong> Mahatma Ghandi <strong>Star sign:</strong> Scorpio <strong>First TV appearance:</strong> KNDO-TV (Yakima, WA) in November 2008 <strong>First story:</strong> Snow Tires (but my second story was a frozen turkey bowling competition for charity!) <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Traveling and dining out <strong>Why I am journalist:</strong> I learn something new every day and meet interesting people along the way <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Pasta <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> I'm an only child <strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> New York <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Dedicated <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Vacuuming <strong>Favorite word:</strong> Juxtaposition <strong>Least favorite words:</strong> Fatal <strong>What's your favorite music?</strong> Michael Jackson <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> The combination of city living and exploring the outdoors <strong>What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Moving to Yakima for my first job after college <strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Dev Patel (from "Slumdog Millionaire and The Newsroom") <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Michael Abeyta<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1635234" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Michael on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Michael An Email</strong></a> Michael Abeyta is a proud 4th generation Coloradan, born and raised in Colorado Springs. He graduated from William J. Palmer High School in downtown Colorado Springs. After graduation, he went to college, first at CU in Boulder, then to the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. When he graduated from “The U”, Michael was homesick for the Rockies and moved back West. Michael’s first job was as a News Photographer and Editor in Albuquerque, NM at KOAT-TV. He covered news there for five years before packing up and heading home to Colorado. Michael had the opportunity to sharpen his photography and editing skills as a Photojournalist for another local Denver TV station before joining CBS4as a Photojournalist in the fall of 2013. In 2018 Michael transitioned from a Photojournalist to a Multi-Media Journalist. The change allows him to exercise his writing skills and tell stories the way he likes to tell them. Michael has loved watching the news since he was a little boy and enjoys every minute of his job. He likes telling his neighbors’ stories. In 2011 he won his first National Press Photographers Association TV Quarterly Clip Contest certificate when he received “Honorable Mention” in the “West Top Spot News” category for 3rd quarter. He continues to compete in the NPPA TV Quarterly Clip Contest, placing second three times in 2013. Twice in the “West General Spot” category and once in the “West General Deadline” category. Family is a huge part of Michael’s life because he has a large one; a brother, two sisters, and too many cousins to count. When he isn’t shooting the news, Michael can be found running the local trails with his wife Kimberly, visiting with his mom and sisters, eating breakfast with his dad, or hiking with his three dogs Trip, Callie and Bella. <strong>Just The Facts</strong> • <strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> Matt Stone and Trey Parker because I made Trey Parker laugh. • <strong>Dream interview:</strong> Pope Francis or The Dalai Lama • <strong>First story:</strong> A snowstorm in Albuquerque, NM • <strong>Role models:</strong> My parents, Henry and Sheila, my grandparents Ed and Lydia Baca, and Cesar Chavez • <strong>Why I am a journalist:</strong> To tell stories • <strong>Hometown:</strong> Colorado Springs, CO • <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> Three blood siblings Andrew, Erica, and Gabriela. I also have a sister-in-law Yvonne, nephew Enrique and niece Lorena. Plus my “brother from another mother” Matt, his wife Angelina, and their three lovely daughters • <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Running, hiking, and camping • <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Denver Broncos • <strong>Favorite musician:</strong> Common <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Joel Hillan<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Joel on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Joel on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Joel An Email</strong></a> Joel Hillan got his start in broadcast news at KIFI-TV in Idaho Falls where he anchored the morning and noon newscasts. Hillan then went on to KJCT-TV in Grand Junction where he was the evening anchor for the 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts as well as Executive Producer. For five years Hillan was the Traffic Specialist for CBS4 before being named anchor of CBS4 This Morning on weekends. He also has the honor of telling your stories on CBS4 News at 5 and 6 p.m. [anvplayer video="3824219"] Coloradans can also hear Hillan on CBS4 partner KOA Newsradio as a fill-in host and News Anchor. Hillan grew up in Colorado and graduated from Dakota Ridge High School. He currently lives in northwest Littleton with his two children Cole and Cara. When he's not on air, Hillan fills his time pursuing fitness and music. An avid musician, Hillan has been a featured soloist and a conductor. Most recently, Hillan was Director of the Colorado Mormon Chorale and Orchestra, the Lakewood Christmas Celebration with the Lakewood Symphony and sits on the board of the Rocky Mountain Ringers. <strong>Just The Facts</strong> <strong>Year hired</strong> 2012 <strong>First TV appearance</strong> 2006 <strong>Other possible career</strong> Choir Director <strong>Dream job</strong> I try and look at whatever I am doing as my Dream Job, certainly what I am doing now is pretty dang close. <strong>Secret desire</strong> If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret. <strong>Favorite word</strong> Love <strong>Favorite noise</strong> Choir and Orchestra together <strong>Most interesting comment from a viewer</strong> "You need to put makeup on your ears." <strong>What one word best describes CBS4</strong> Exceptional <strong>Interesting fact</strong> I am fluent in Italian and love connecting with local Italians. <strong>Favorite food</strong> Pizza <strong>Favorite musician</strong> Luciano Pavarotti <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Outside of Italy, there is no place I would rather be! <strong>Alma Mater</strong> BYU-Idaho <strong>Favorite sports teams</strong> Broncos <strong>Star sign</strong> Leo <strong>Hometown</strong> Littleton <strong>Family</strong> Two kiddos Cole and Cara <strong>Number of pets</strong> 2 <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Jamie Leary<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Jamie on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Jamie on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Jamie An Email</strong></a> Jamie couldn’t be more thrilled to call Colorado her home. She often describes it to people as the best of her favorite places; Minneapolis, MN, where she was born and raised, and Bozeman, MT, where she spent the last 13 years working and playing. While Jamie at one point considered becoming a CU Buff, it was the Montana Grizzlies in Missoula that won her heart. It was the beautiful rivers and the tight-knit ski community that really sealed the deal for her. While in school, Jamie took her first job TV job with KPAX in Missoula, cuing tapes for the morning show. It was a tough gig for any college freshman and she eventually found a way to incorporate her love for the outdoors into her professional life. In 2005, Jamie took a job with the Sportsman's channel and in between school and ski laps, she could be found working in the field or editing shows for organizations like Trout Unlimited, L.L. Bean, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Gore-Tex and Ducks Unlimited. This career move not only turned her into a professional editor but a pretty savvy fisherwoman. ... She still doesn't like to hunt but will take on anyone in a skeet shooting challenge. Soon after graduation, Jamie decided to take a break. She moved to Big Sky and worked for the local resort. While she skied her heart out, she dearly missed the professional world of story-telling. She met so many people with amazing stories and wanted to share those stories with the masses. In 2011, Jamie moved to Chicago where she attended DePaul University and received her M.A. in Journalism. She only applied to one place after graduation ... Montana. In December of 2012, Jamie was hired as the Bureau Chief for KXLF-TV in Butte, Montana. She spent 10 months in the Mining City before she moved to Bozeman where she became an anchor and reporter for KBZK-TV. Jamie covered everything from superfund sites to wildfires and crime. She has had many memorable stories but will never forget one of her first, the parole hearing for Don Nichols. In 1984 the notorious "mountain man" abducted Olympian, Keri Swenson, while she was on a training run in the woods of Big Sky, MT. She was chained to a tree and held captive for over 18 hours. Nichols was denied parole in 2012 after he called the parole board fascist and stormed out of the room. Jamie spent almost half her life in Big Sky country but as a Minneapolis native, she had her sites set on a particular city skyline in a larger market. Denver offered the perfect combination of the two cities she loved and, after some persistence, she was hired by her No. 1 choice, CBS4 in Denver. Jamie has already had the chance to explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hopes to sew some roots and one day start a family in the Mile High city! <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> Reporter <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 2015 <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> University of Montana <strong>• Most memorable interview:</strong> Kirstofor Hans killed his teacher in 1984 and talked about it for the first time with me. He hoped his story would prevent incidents in the future. <strong>• Role model:</strong> I have always looked up to my parents but I am fascinated with Neli Bly, aka Elizabeth Cochran. She was a famous journalist in the late 1800s and in 1888 did an expose on an aslyum that was abusing its patients. She went undercover by feigning her own insanity. Because of her story, a grand jury launched a full scale investigation into the practices of the asylum. <strong>• Dream job:</strong> I honestly have it ... I've been talking about becoming a reporter in Denver since I was a teenager! That and being and astronaut. <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> A chef. My favorite meal is mac and cheese or pizza ... I can make both of these but not much more. <strong>• Star sign:</strong> Aries <strong>• Why I am journalist:</strong> I love people. There are so many incredible people with incredible stories -- I am just a means of getting their voice heard. I also like to help people, and the media carries a huge responsibility in this regard. We let people know what route to take to work in the morning, we let them know why this year might be a good one to invest in a home or not ... we also hold people in positions of power accountable for their actions. <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> I am a brown belt in Karate and I can ride horses and shoot guns at the same time (blanks only don't worry!) <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Edina, MN <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Bacon <strong>• Favorite musician:</strong> Mick Jagger <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> 2, twin sisters <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Anywhere my family is. I love MN summers and grilling on the deck. Anytime I have vacation, you will likely find me in MN at my parents' house. <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Honest <strong>• Favorite noise:</strong> Thunder <strong>• Least favorite noise:</strong> Someone chewing food <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> The mountains <strong>• Favorite Quote:</strong> "Well behaved women seldom make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Alan Gionet<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Alan on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Alan on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Alan An Email</strong></a> Alan Gionet loves living and working in Colorado. He anchors CBS4 This Morning and is also well known for his signature Good Question reports. [anvplayer video="3780271"] Alan Gionet has been in news for more than 30 years. He started in a small market in Mississippi where he lugged the camera and the video recording deck around, shot, wrote and edited stories; then put together the newscast. He also anchored and reported in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he exposed deplorable conditions in the state's foster care system resulting in more vigorous enforcement on behalf of children. Prior to his first stint at CBS4 in the early 1990s, Alan worked as an investigative reporter in Providence, Rhode Island, where he exposed tax breaks for non-profits. While at CBS4 in the 1990s, Alan reported extensively on forest fires and was the first to report that the firefighters killed on Storm King Mountain did not get critical information about the changing weather conditions that put them in danger. He also showed how registered sex offenders were often not living where they showed their registered addresses. In the late 1990s, Alan left to serve as main anchor in Jacksonville, Florida where he was later also named nightside managing editor. He logged many hours during hurricanes and the 2000 election controversy, when he first revealed voting irregularities in Duval County. His reporting on endangered North Atlantic right whales brought national focus to a little-known species which has only an estimated 300 whales left. His newscasts won a long list of awards including Emmys and Edward R. Murrow Awards and individually Alan has been lauded with Heartland Regional Emmy Awards covering the Denver area as top anchor and for his innovative Good Question reporting. He has won awards for everything from spot news to feature stories. Alan returned to CBS4 in the 2000s and is glad to be back in Colorado with his wife and four children. His love of journalism is surpassed only by his love of fatherhood. He reads extensively, plays blues harmonica and hockey and runs regularly. Each year he tries to summit more of Colorado's 14ers. "If you're a television journalist, CBS4 is recognized as one of the greatest places to work the nation, because of the quality of reporting, the videography and the team atmosphere," Alan says. "This is a great group of people who are smart and care about the Colorado I love." Alan holds a degree from Boston's Emerson College where he studied broadcast journalism. He also studied at Harvard University Extension and the University of Massachusetts at Boston and Amherst. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>Dream job:</strong> That's why I returned to CBS4. There's no place I'd rather be. <strong>Favorite word:</strong> Understanding - intelligence is the ability to consider another's point of view. <strong>Favorite noise:</strong> The sound of my children laughing <strong>Year hired:</strong> 1994 and again in 2006 (Four years on air at KCNC. 30 years in the news business.) <strong>First TV appearance:</strong> Tupelo, Mississippi <strong>First story:</strong> The death of an impoverished woman in Mississippi. <strong>Favorite story:</strong> All of our Good Question pieces, I learn every day. <strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> An African-American high school principal in Mississippi who said after a racial incident: "Show me a man who who has a problem with black people and I'll show you a man with a problem with all people." <strong>Dream interview:</strong> Meriwether Lewis <strong>Star sign:</strong> Virgo <strong>Why I am a journalist:</strong> I love the craft of storytelling. <strong>Hidden talent:</strong> With four kids, going anywhere takes an Eisenhower-like ability with logistics. <strong>Hometown:</strong> Pittsfield, Mass. <strong>Number of children:</strong> Four <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Reading, running, climbing, hockey, biking, anything with my kids <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Burrito Favorite musician: James Taylor <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> Four <strong>Number of pets:</strong> One dog <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Avalanche, I'm an old hockey player. <strong>Favorite author:</strong> Joseph Mitchell <strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Anything I haven't discovered in Colorado <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Teamwork Least favorite household chore: Cleaning up after the dog Least favorite word: Hate - I hate it. <strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> Loud motors in the mountains <strong>Favorite music?</strong> Running tunes, blues & Beatles <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> The wide open spaces and open minds <strong>What's the biggest risk you've taken?</strong> I've been in a couple of spots on 14ers I wish I'd avoided. <strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> If I get to pick, let's make it Jason Bourne. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Chris Spears<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Chris on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Chris on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Chris An Email</strong></a> Meteorologist Chris Spears joined CBS4 as a weather producer in March 2014 and can be seen forecasting the weather in newscasts as well as reporting from the Mobile Weather Lab. He also coordinates CBS4's Weather Watchers and Junior Weather Watchers programs. [anvplayer video="3860116"] Chris gained an interest in weather at a very young age when The Weather Channel came on air in 1982. He'd sit for hours watching it with his grandma and grandpa. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology right here in Denver at Metropolitan State University in 2005. In December 2013, he earned a Master of Science in Geosciences and Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University. He started his broadcast journalism career here in Denver as a weather producer at KMGH-TV before moving on to a news and traffic anchor for Newsradio 850KOA. He was also a morning show producer at KDVR-TV. Chris teaches weather and climate classes at his alma mater, Metropolitan State University, and is also a volunteer weather observer with CoCoRaHS, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. As a native of North Little Rock, Arkansas, Chris has lived in Colorado since June 2000 and considers it to be home. When not at work or following the weather, Chris loves to travel, do projects around his house and enjoys his dogs; Lucy Lu the Basset Hound and Daisy Mae the Dachshund. <strong>Just The Facts</strong> • <strong>Position</strong>: Weather Producer/Meteorologist • <strong>Year hired</strong>: 2014 • <strong>Alma Mater</strong>: Metropolitan State University (Denver) • <strong>Dream job</strong>: This!! (My dream since I was four-years-old!) • <strong>Job you would never attempt</strong>: Brain surgeon • <strong>Star sign</strong>: Pisces • <strong>Hidden talent</strong>: I have a green thumb and can sing • <strong>Hometown</strong>: North Little Rock, Arkansas • <strong>Hobbies</strong>: Home/yard improvement, traveling • <strong>Favorite food</strong>: Pizza • <strong>Number of siblings</strong>: 4 • <strong>Number of pets</strong>: 3 • <strong>Favorite vacation spot</strong>: Anywhere I can unplug and enjoy nature, I am not picky! • <strong>What one word best describes CBS4</strong>: Team • <strong>Least favorite household chore</strong>: Dishes • <strong>Favorite word</strong>: Awesome • <strong>Least favorite words</strong>: Can’t, Won’t, Don’t • <strong>Favorite noise</strong>: Thunder • <strong>Least favorite noise</strong>: Sirens and screeching tires • <strong>What genres of music do you like?</strong> 90s Hip Hop and R&B • <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> The weather, people and endless things to do! • <strong>What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Deciding to get a master's degree and taking the next career step <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Kathy Walsh<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Kathy on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Kathy on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Kathy An Email</strong></a> Kathy Walsh and CBS4 go hand in hand, considering Kathy has been part of the team since 1984. She started at CBS4 as the reporter for the 10 p.m. news. Now, she anchors the weekend broadcasts at both 5 and 10 p.m. and covers a variety of issues as a general assignment reporter. [anvplayer video="3781383"] The high quality of work done at CBS4 first brought Kathy to Denver. That high quality has kept her here. Kathy has covered everything from a killer avalanche in Breckenridge to the installation of a Cardinal in Rome. Kathy grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey. She graduated with honors from the University of Delaware with a B.A. in Communications. She quickly launched her career in broadcasting as an anchor/reporter/producer/photographer and editor at WVII-TV in Bangor, Maine. She has worked as a reporter at both WSMV-TV in Nashville and WXYZ-TV in Detroit. Kathy's work has been singled out with numerous awards. She won both an Emmy and a regional award from the Radio and Television News Directors Association for her series "Living in Limbo" ... the story of one man's struggle to survive a bone marrow transplant. She has also won awards from the Associated Press and the Colorado Broadcasters Association. Kathy is hard working, confident and competent. But she admits, stories of human loss tug at her heart strings and can be the most difficult part of her job. Kathy is married with three children. She and her husband love Denver for its friendly, intelligent community and are active outside of work. Kathy is a member of the Women's Forum of Colorado, an emcee at many charitable functions and a volunteer at St. Mary's Academy. Away from the camera, Kathy unwinds by shopping, reading and most of all, enjoying her family and friends. Her number one goal is to raise happy, healthy, loving children and to have fun each step of the way. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> Health Specialist, Reporter <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 1984 <strong>• Alma Mater: </strong> University of Delaware <strong>• Most memorable interview: </strong> Seinfeld <strong>• Dream interview:</strong> The Beatles <strong>• Role model: </strong> Morgan (answer provided by Kathy's daughter, Morgan) <strong>• Dream job:</strong> Actress on Broadway <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> Soldier <strong>• Star sign:</strong> Sagittarius <strong>• First TV appearance: </strong> June 1978, Bangor, Maine <strong>• First story:</strong> Refurbishing the Paul Bunyan statue <strong>• Favorite story: </strong> The Pope's visit to Denver <strong>• Why I am journalist:</strong> I'm nosy and love to tell stories <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> Yet to be determined <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Plainfield, New Jersey <strong>• Number of children:</strong> Three <strong>• Hobbies:</strong> Shopping, reading <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Chocolate <strong>• Favorite musician:</strong> Bruce Springsteen <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> Three <strong>• Number of pets: </strong> Two adorable dogs <strong>• Favorite sports team: </strong> Any team my children are on <strong>• Favorite author: </strong> J.K. Rowling <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Beaver Creek <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Entertaining <strong>• Least favorite household chore</strong>: Ironing (answer provided by Kathy's daughter) <strong>• Favorite word: </strong> Vacation! (answer provided by Kathy's daughter) <strong>• Least favorite words: </strong> Mom, please? (answer provided by Kathy's daughter) <strong>• Favorite noise: </strong> Silence (when my kids are out of the house) (answer provided by Kathy's daughter) <strong>• Least favorite noise:</strong> Daughter Erin singing (answer provided by Kathy's other daughter) <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> The ocean (answer provided by Kathy's daughter) <strong>• What's the biggest risk you've taken?</strong> Driving with my 15 year old daughter (answer provided by Kathy's daughter, yes the 15 year old) <strong>•Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Pamela Anderson (answer provided by Kathy's daughter) <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Karen Leigh<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Karen on Facebook</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Follow Karen on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Send Karen An Email</strong></a> <em>People are the reason I got into journalism. I wanted to share their stories and show the amazing strength each and every one of us has inside.</em> <em>That's what makes this recent work development so remarkable: In May, we started "<a href="">Together with Karen Leigh</a>," a 30 minute show that's entirely dedicated to the "good" going on next door to you.</em> <em>I feel blessed beyond measure to share in these incredible moments with you!</em> <em>It's Friday at 6:30 p.m. and again Sunday at 7:30 a.m., right before CBS This Morning. Here's a short sample of what you'll find!</em> [anvplayer video="3898238"] Karen Leigh says, “I couldn’t be more grateful to wake every day in this beautiful state and earn a living doing something I love.” Karen says she knew the moment she landed at DIA in 2008, that she had come home. An Arkansas native, she grew up loving the great outdoors -- and what better place to explore than Colorado! A four-time Emmy winner, with 20 years of experience, Karen respects the TV business and accepts its challenges, changes and demands. She’s covered floods, tornadoes, wildfires, the Aurora theater shooting and most recently traveled to California for Super Bowl 50 for week-long coverage on our beloved Broncos and their remarkable win. Covering Peyton Manning on the memorable year preceding his retirement is something she says she'll never forget. Karen says, “So often, we spend days covering disasters and tragedies – it was rewarding to share coverage of something that we all love and can be proud of – our Denver Broncos.” On settling down in Denver, Karen says, “I cannot express enough my love for this community and what it represents. Our neighbors are strong, resilient, passionate, loving, caring, generous and intelligent people. Full of imagination and desire to make our state better for everyone. I'm so proud to call myself a Coloradan.” For Karen, free time means slow jogs, walks with the dogs, working in the yard, reading, golf and spending as much time as possible with her daughter, friends and family. As for charities and organizations? Karen says, "I find it difficult to champion just one cause. While the MS Society is close to my heart, there are so many remarkable organizations that do so much, such as ACE Foundation, Second Wind Fund and Women's Foundation of Colorado." "Getting involved is easy here ... there are so many ways to help and in turn enrich your own life!"   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> • <strong>Position</strong>: News Anchor • <strong>Year hired</strong>: 2008 • <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> Arkansas State University • <strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> A young woman who survived a lifetime of physical/mental abuse by her adoptive parents ... she was amazing! • <strong>Dream interview:</strong> It would have to be Oprah. I love her. • <strong>Role model:</strong> Jesus Christ • <strong>Dream job:</strong> I’m doing it! • <strong>Job you would never attempt:</strong> lion tamer • <strong>Star sign:</strong> Gemini • <strong>First TV appearance:</strong> college tv station • <strong>Why I am journalist:</strong> I’m curious, and I like to learn new things. • <strong>Hidden talent:</strong> still hiding! • <strong>Hometown:</strong> Little Rock • <strong>Number of children:</strong> 1 • <strong>Hobbies:</strong> playing with my daughter and dogs, yard work, jogging, golf, and reading. • <strong>Favorite food:</strong> A good pulled pork sandwich • <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> 1 • <strong>Number of pets:</strong> 2 dogs • <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Broncos/Arkansas Razorbacks • <strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> anywhere hot with a beach • <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> well-oiled machine • <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> ironing • <strong>Favorite word:</strong> hope • <strong>Least favorite words:</strong> anything negative • <strong>Favorite noise:</strong> my daughter’s laughter • <strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> screeching tires with a car horn • <strong>Favorite music:</strong> Sara Bareilles - Brave • <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> My job and the sunshine! • <strong>What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Moving 7 times in my career • <strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Sandra Bullock <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Dillon Thomas<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1499179" src="" alt="Dillon Thomas" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Dillon on Twitter</strong></a>     <a href=""><strong>Send Dillon An Email</strong></a>     Dillon Thomas is a general assignment reporter for CBS4 in Denver. He has a passion for finding the hidden stories, exposing corruption and breaking local news. Growing up in Aurora, Dillon began his journalism career at Smoky Hill High School. Before he enrolled at Colorado State University in Fort Collins he shadowed CBS4 anchor Jim Benemann. It was then that he decided broadcast news was for him. Dillon interned at CBS4 in college and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and technical communications, with a minor in political science. After college, Dillon worked in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He reported several weeknights, and anchored during the weekends. Dillon returned to Denver to join the CBS4 team in October of 2016. He has covered news in Colorado, Arkansas and at The White House. He also served as a social media blogger, covering the NBA's Denver Nuggets. Dillon is a Heartland Emmy nominated journalist, a CSU "Cammy" Award winner and the recipient of the Denver Press Club's Damon Runyon Storytelling Award. He was recognized at the Denver Press Club's 2014 gala alongside national Runyon Award winner Katie Couric. During his free time, Dillon can be found playing basketball, watching the NBA, rooting for the Denver Broncos or scanning through social media. Dillon believes everyone has a story, let him tell yours! <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> Reporter <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 2016 <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> Colorado State University, Fort Collins <strong>• Why I am journalist:</strong> It allows me to meet so many people, and see many places, while not being confined to a cubical! <strong>• Role models:</strong> My parents <strong>• Dream job:</strong> This! Reporting for CBS4 Denver! <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> Reptile handler, because I am not fond of snakes! <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> Tasteful sarcasm <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Aurora <strong>• Hobbies:</strong> Spending time with friends, playing basketball and watching NBA basketball/the Broncos! <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Grandma’s green chili, Grandmother’s banana pudding or my Mom’s baked beans! <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> Two older sisters, and their husbands <strong>• Number of pets:</strong> One, my puppy Champ <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> Denver Nuggets or Denver Broncos <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Dedicated <strong>• Least favorite household chore:</strong> Cleaning the shower <strong>• Favorite word:</strong> Yay! <strong>• Favorite noise:</strong> Genuine laughter <strong>• Least favorite noise:</strong> Loud chewing/swallowing <strong>• Favorite music:</strong> Everything! Rock, rap, classic, gospel and country <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Family <strong>• What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Following blind intuition and moving to Arkansas for a job without visiting before. (So glad I did!) <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Makenzie O'Keefe<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Makenzie on Facebook</strong></a>     <a href=""><strong>Follow Makenzie on Twitter</strong></a>     <a href=""><strong>Send Makenzie An Email</strong></a>     If you ask CBS4 Reporter Makenzie O'Keefe, there is no better place to live than the beautiful state of Colorado! She was born and raised here and is happy to be Covering Colorado First every morning. Makenzie joined CBS4 in September of 2017 as a reporter for the morning show. While most of you are sleeping (hopefully), Makenzie is out Covering Colorado and everything that happens overnight. She works hard both on and off camera. What you see every morning begins with her shooting and editing everything herself throughout the night. Her favorite part of the job is meeting colorful characters every day, and sharing the experiences that affect the community she calls home. Makenzie grew up in Golden and went to Wheat Ridge High School. She later attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins. It was through her internship at CBS4 in college when she truly fell in love with the industry. Before working in Denver, Makenzie was a reporter and weekend anchor for joint-television stations KKCO and KJCT in Grand Junction. While on the Western Slope, she covered a variety of stories including President Donald Trump's campaign visit, a national high-profile murder trial and the shooting death of a local sheriff's deputy. Her storytelling of that tragedy led to a Feature of the Year award in 2016 by the Colorado Broadcaster's Association. She was also named Reporter of the Year in 2015 by the Mesa County Communications Officer Association. When Makenzie is not working, she loves to explore the great outdoors -- whether it's hiking, fly fishing, snowboarding, or even dirt biking. She loves to immerse herself in the community and get to know the ins and outs of Denver.     <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> CBS4 Morning Reporter <strong>• Year hired:</strong> 2017 <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> CSU. Go Rams! <strong>• Why I am journalist:</strong> I love getting to meet colorful characters every day. Everyone has a unique story of their own. <strong>• Role model:</strong> My parents! I wouldn't be who I am today without them. <strong>• Dream job:</strong> Honestly, I'm living it! <strong>• Job you would never attempt:</strong> Anything to do with math. Or technology. <strong>• Star sign:</strong> Leo <strong>• First TV appearance:</strong> September 2014 in Grand Junction. <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> I think I am the number one consumer of Diet Dr. Pepper in the entire world. Also, I was a ballerina for years! <strong>• Hometown:</strong> The beautiful town of Golden! <strong>• Hobbies:</strong> Anything outdoors! Hiking, camping, fishing, snowboarding ... you name it! <strong>• Favorite food:</strong> Pizza, pasta, really anything. I love eating out. <strong>• Number of siblings:</strong> One little brother, Garrett, who is also my best friend. <strong>• Number of pets:</strong> One very chubby (but adorable!) chocolate lab named Gage <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> CSU Rams, Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies <strong>• Favorite author:</strong> I'm a huge bookworm! I love all authors but my favorite is probably Gillian Flynn. <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Steamboat Springs <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Genuine <strong>• Least favorite household chore:</strong> Oh, definitely folding laundry! <strong>• Favorite word:</strong> Happy <strong>• Least favorite word:</strong> Can't <strong>• Favorite noise:</strong> Hearing people genuinely laugh. Or rain falling. Both make me very happy! <strong>• Least favorite noise:</strong> My alarm clock! I hit snooze too many times. <strong>• What kind of music do you like?</strong> Mostly country. But I prefer to listen to the radio to discover new music. <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> My family, the beautiful views and endless outdoor activities. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Andrea Flores<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Andrea on Facebook</strong></a>     <a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1371820" src="" alt="twitter" width="33" height="32" /><strong>Follow Andrea on Twitter</strong></a>     <a href=""><strong>Send Andrea An Email</strong></a>     CBS4 Reporter Andrea Flores was born and raised in California, but is happy to call Denver her new home! She grew up a Denver Broncos fan, and is excited to be around other fans who love the Mile High City. Andrea joined CBS4 in May 2016. She previously reported and anchored at KMTV in Omaha, Nebraska. Before her time in Omaha, she was also a reporter and anchor at KOLN in nearby Lincoln, Nebraska. While in Lincoln, Andrea received the Marsha Bangert Williamson Memorial Award from The National Federation of the Blind for her work on a story that revealed how city construction affected the blind and visually impaired. Andrea’s first reporting job was in Amarillo, Texas at KVII. She was also a midday anchor and producer while living in the "Lone Star State." Andrea got her big break at the Los Angeles duopoly, CBS 2/KCAL 9, as a production assistant. She quickly worked her way up to a fill-in assignment desk editor, then an undercover content producer for the Emmy Award winning investigative reporter David Goldstein. She rounded out her time in Los Angeles as a talent booker and segment producer for interview segments. High-profile celebrities, authors, politicians and educators made appearances on segments she produced. The best career advice she ever got was from Julie Andrews. Andrea graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2010 with a degree in Communication and Spanish. During college, Andrea was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority. Andrea loves living in Colorado where she can enjoy the outdoors. In her spare time, Andrea loves running, hiking, cooking, trying new restaurants, and playing with her Goldendoodle, Barley.     <h3>Just The Facts</h3> • <strong>Position:</strong> News Reporter • <strong>Year hired:</strong> 2016 • <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> UC Davis (Go Aggies!) • <strong>Dream interview:</strong> Anthony Bourdain or Lucille Ball • <strong>Dream job:</strong> To be Anthony Bourdain • <strong>Job you would never attempt:</strong> Mathematician • <strong>Star sign:</strong> Pisces • <strong>Why I am journalist:</strong> I love meeting new people and telling their stories. • <strong>Hidden talent:</strong> Claw Machine Prize Winner • <strong>Hometown:</strong> San Bernardino, CA • <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Running, working out, eating, watching "Friends" • <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Italian and Thai • <strong>Favorite music:</strong> Funk • <strong>Number of pets:</strong> My Goldendoodle, Barley • <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Denver Broncos • <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Authentic • <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Sweeping • <strong>Favorite word:</strong> Challenge • <strong>Least favorite words:</strong> My phone is about to die <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Romi Bean<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1635234" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Romi on Twitter</strong></a>     <a href=""><strong>Send Romi An Email</strong></a>     Romi Bean considers herself a Colorado native. She was born in South Africa but moved to Colorado when she was 2 years old. Romi’s path to television is unconventional, to say the least. Unlike most in the business, Romi did not go to school for Communications or Journalism. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business. She has worked in numismatics, real estate, sales and marketing -- but writing and journalism have always been her passion. Romi's broadcasting career began on the radio -- an interview turned into an internship, which turned into a job as a producer, which turned into on-air opportunities. "I've never done things the easy way. But I think that’s what makes me unique and allows me to appreciate everyone else's journey. If we don’t forge our own path, who knows what we’d miss out on?!” Romi's journey here at KCNC began with a part-time opportunity covering the Broncos on CBS4 This Morning. She used the experience to learn as much as she could about anchoring sportscasts, writing stories, reporting and meeting people in the community. She challenged herself to turn the freelance role into a full-time position -- two years of hard work and dedication later, she is a full-time sports anchor and reporter at CBS4. Colorado is a state that loves its sports, and Romi is eager to discover all the unique sports stories yet to be told! <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>Position:</strong> Sports Anchor <strong>Year Hired:</strong> 2018 <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> University of Colorado <strong>Role model:</strong> My parents <strong>Job you would never attempt:</strong> Anything related to spiders and snakes (arachnologist… herpetologist… no-thanks-ologist) <strong>Star sign: </strong> Aquarius <strong>Hidden talent:</strong> Comedian (I think I'm funny ... still to be confirmed by others) <strong>Hometown:</strong> Johannesburg, South Africa <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Yoga, skiing, watching live sports, attempting to make people laugh <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Sushi <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> Four older brothers (hence my love for sports!) <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Teamwork <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Folding laundry <strong>Favorite word:</strong> Plethora (not sure why, but I’ve always loved that word) <strong>Least favorite word:</strong> Can't <strong>Favorite noise:</strong> Laughter <strong>Favorite music:</strong> Everything – I have a very eclectic taste in music <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Family, friends, and over 300 days of sunshine per year! <strong>What's the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, without training ... booked our flights a month beforehand! <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Suzanne McCarroll<img src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Suzanne on Twitter</a></strong>     <a href=""><strong>Send Suzanne An Email</a></strong>     Suzanne is a general assignment reporter with a penchant for human interest stories, or any topics that impact people’s lives. She grew up in California but now calls Colorado her permanent home. She has three children who are quick to say they almost never watch their mother on TV. Born in Dayton, Ohio, Suzanne’s family moved to California and she grew up in the Bay Area with a blossoming interest in writing. She earned a BA from Stanford University and became an executive speechwriter for IBM in San Jose. Suzanne made the transition into television when she accepted a job as a sports reporter in Pocatello, Idaho. She then went on to become a news reporter for KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In June of 1982, Suzanne joined the staff at CBS4 in Denver as a reporter, after hearing about KCNC’s “great reputation.” She says she was happy to be moving to such a wonderful city in a competitive market. For Suzanne, the best thing about reporting is the variety that it offers and the opportunity it affords for her to continue writing. The worst is interviewing victims of tragedies or crime. Suzanne enjoys time with her three children, taking advantage of all the activities that Colorado offers.   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Favorite musician:</strong> Norah Jones & The Fray <strong>• Favorite author:</strong> Tobias Wolff & Wallace Stegner <strong>• Favorite story:</strong> All my "Pay It Forward" stories <strong>• Most memorable interview: </strong> Riverboat captain on the Mississippi <strong>• Why I am a journalist:</strong> I can ask people lots of questions. <strong>• Year hired: </strong> Many moons ago <strong>• Dream job:</strong> Neonatologist <strong>• First story:</strong> Cow disease <strong>• Role model: </strong> My cousin Debbie <strong>• Hidden talent:</strong> Still searching for one <strong>• Alma Mater:</strong> Stanford <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Los Altos, Calif. <strong>• Number of children:</strong> Three <strong>• Number of siblings: </strong> Three <strong>• Hobbies:</strong> My children <strong>• Favorite food: </strong> Anything my sister Christina cooks <strong>• Favorite sports team:</strong> My children's school <strong>• Favorite vacation spot: </strong> Beach <strong>• Dream interview: </strong> Any successful author <strong>• Star sign: </strong> Aquarius <strong>• Least favorite household chore:</strong> Cooking <strong>• Favorite word:</strong> Delightful <strong>• Least favorite word:</strong> Bored <strong>• Favorite noise:</strong> Laughing children <strong>• Least favorite noise: </strong> Leaf blower <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado? </strong> Lifestyle, weather, friends, mountains <strong>• What's the biggest risk you've taken?</strong> Getting into TV news <strong>• Who would play you in a movie?</strong> No idea! <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Britt Moreno<img src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" /> <a href=""><strong>Connect with Britt on Facebook</a></strong>     <a href=""><strong>Follow Britt on Twitter</a></strong>     <a href=""><strong>Send Britt An Email</a></strong>     CBS4 morning anchor Britt Moreno loves starting the day with you on CBS4 This Morning 4:30-7 a.m. She also catches you up on news at CBS4 News at Noon. She is the Wednesday’s Child reporter -- a role she holds close to her heart. This weekly segment highlights children in foster care who are in need of families. Britt looks forward to meeting these special children each week and bringing you their stories every Wednesday!   [anvplayer video="3780237"] She is the winner of the 2017 Colorado Broadcaster's Association Award of Excellence for her "Aging Out" series, which shows what happens to children when they are not adopted and age out of the foster care system. Britt is grateful to the Coloradans who have embraced her. Britt joined CBS4 in March 2013. Previously, she reported and anchored at KSAZ in Phoenix. She first reported in her home state of Texas and got her start as a broadcast journalist in college hosting an entertainment news show. Her reporting has introduced her to wonderful causes and inspiring people in Colorado. She especially loves working at a station which places emphasis on "Covering Colorado" news first which includes sharing stories of people helping others in the community. These stories remind people to be hopeful and represent all the good news that happens in Colorado. Britt hosted a piece that was part of the 2017 Emmy award winning “Overall News Excellence” submission. She also hosted the Emmy award winning production that earned CBS4 the 2016 “News Excellence” award. When she was in Arizona she earned an Emmy for a report she put together that shadowed Border Patrol agents during an overnight patrol in the Arizona desert where she interviewed a group of suspected undocumented immigrants the agents encountered. Britt attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas where she double majored in Communication and Spanish. She loves experiencing Colorado’s outdoors, working with kids, country music and spending time with her husband and their black Labrador Retriever, Knox. Britt enjoys waking up really early (2:20 a.m.) for what she calls her "dream job" in a vibrant city. Britt loves interacting with viewers and is always looking for story ideas! She would love to hear from you.   <h2>Just The Facts</h2> <strong>Position</strong>: Anchor CBS4 This Morning and CBS4 News at Noon <strong>Role model</strong>: My Mom and Dad <strong>Dream job</strong>: I've always wanted to be a part of a morning show. I'm living the dream! <strong>Job you would never attempt</strong>: Math Teacher <strong>Star sign</strong>: Capricorn <strong>First story</strong>: A single working mother who was grateful for a new school program that enabled her to take meals home to her three children. <strong>Favorite story</strong>: Any story where I see something new or try something new. <strong>Most memorable interview</strong>: I "interviewed" Santa Claus when I was about 7. I wanted to get to know him better, so I left a page full of questions next to his plate of cookies that year. <strong>Dream interview</strong>: Oprah <strong>Why I am journalist</strong>: I love listening to people talk about their lives. I have always enjoyed asking questions and writing. <strong>Hometown</strong>: Austin, Texas <strong>Favorite food</strong>: Mexican <strong>Favorite musician</strong>: I listen to all kinds of music, but my favorite is country! <strong>Number of siblings</strong>: 3 younger siblings <strong>What one word best describes CBS4</strong>: Team-oriented <strong>Least favorite household chore</strong>: Taking out the trash <strong>Favorite word</strong>: love <strong>Least favorite words</strong>: I'm lost.... <strong>Favorite noise</strong>: My loved ones' laughter <strong>Least favorite noise</strong>: Any and all noises when I'm trying to sleep. <strong>Favorite music:</strong> Country, Classic Rock, Alternative, Pop/Hip-Hop <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Brian Maass<img src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Brian on Twitter</a></strong>     <a href=""><strong>Send Brian An Email</a></strong>     CBS4's Brian Maass has spearheaded the station's investigative unit for nearly two decades.  In that time, his investigations have held the powerful accountable, given voice to the voiceless and made a real difference in the lives of Coloradans. His 2007 undercover investigation of deficient de-icing practices at DIA prompted re-training of hundreds of workers, firings, suspensions and multi-pronged federal and local investigations. Those reports received the Regional Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting in 2008. His 2002 investigation exposing loafing cops at Denver International Airport led to retirements, dozens of reassignments and a heightened awareness of airport security. Maass' exclusive 2004 interview with Army Pfc. Lynndie England made worldwide headlines as the woman at the center of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal told her story for the first time.  The interview was honored with an Emmy award, as was his investigation into Denver cops double dipping and ignoring their primary jobs. He found top Denver police administrators working secondary jobs as school crossing guards when they were supposed to be overseeing murder, rape and kidnapping investigations.  The reports led to a criminal investigation and sweeping changes within the Denver Police Department. In 1999, Maass uncovered and exposed the story of how a Denver Police SWAT team broke into the wrong house and killed Ismael Mena, who never should have been in the line of fire. The investigation resulted in a perjury charge against one Denver patrolman and broad reforms in the way "no knock" search warrants are processed. Maass has won multiple Emmy awards, multiple "Best of The West" awards, the Regional Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting three years in a row, numerous Colorado Broadcast Association awards and a slew of other regional, state and local honors for his bold investigative reporting.   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <li><strong>Position:</strong> Investigative Reporter</li> <li><strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> Pfc. Lynndie England of Abu Ghraib notoriety</li> <li><strong>Role model:</strong> Garrick Utley, Bob Dotson</li> <li><strong>Dream Job:</strong> Forsberg to Sakic to Maass to knock off the Red Wings in 7</li> <li><strong>Job you would never attempt:</strong> sword swallowing</li> <li><strong>Alma mater:</strong> University of Colorado, Boulder</li> <li><strong>Star sign:</strong> Gemini</li> <li><strong>Year hired:</strong> 1983</li> <li><strong>First TV Appearance:</strong> On a cold, icy live shot somewhere around Denver</li> <li><strong>Favorite story:</strong> Any that helped people make informed decisions</li> <li><strong>Why I'm a journalist:</strong> Love telling people something they don't know that is relevant to their lives</li> <li><strong>Hidden talent:</strong> Juggling</li> <li><strong>Hometown:</strong> by birth, Los Angeles. Since 1976, Colorado</li> <li><strong>Number of children:</strong> Two sons</li> <li><strong>Hobbies:</strong> skiing, hockey, running, cycling- anything outdoors</li> <li><strong>Favorite food:</strong> pizza, BBQ, carbs, sushi, stir fry, mexican, brownies --is that enough?</li> <li><strong>Favorite Musicians:</strong> Gruppo Sportivo, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Jimmy Cliff, John Prine</li> <li><strong>Number of siblings:</strong> Five</li> <li><strong>Number of pets:</strong> 1</li> <li><strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Avalanche</li> <li><strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Kauai, any beach, the desert or a mountain resort</li> <li><strong>What one word describes CBS4?</strong> Dynamic</li> <li><strong>Favorite word:</strong> gagoolio</li> <li><strong>Least favorite word:</strong> Sold out</li> <li><strong>Favorite sound:</strong> The sound of my sons excitedly telling me about their day, or the sound of them breathing deeply as they sleep.</li> <li><strong>What keeps me in Colorado:</strong> my family, friends, my neighborhood, my home, my work</li> <li><strong>What's the biggest risk you've taken?</strong> Repeatedly asking a news reporter at another station to go out for dinner. It all became worthwhile when she married me.</li> <li><strong>Who would play me in a movie:</strong> Either Bob Saget or Chris Meloni. Been told I look like both of them. Or they look like me.</li> <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Jeff Todd<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Jeff on Twitter</strong></a>     <a href=""><strong>Send Jeff An Email</strong></a>     Jeff Todd joined CBS4 working in the Mountain Newsroom in 2011 and moved to the Denver Newsroom in 2015. During his time in the mountains, he enjoyed interviewing ski superstars Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin, and has reported a number of important stories across the Western Slope and beyond. [anvplayer video="3806338"] Jeff has helped cover wildfires throughout the state, and was the only TV reporter in Estes Park during the flooding of 2013. He says he had the most fun on air during his “Driving to the Championship” assignment in 2014 when he drove across the country before the Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. The 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships at Beaver Creek were another of his reporting highlights. Before joining CBS4 Jeff reported throughout the Southwest, covering the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma at KFDA-TV and reporting throughout New Mexico for KRQE-TV. “Returning to Colorado is a dream come true,” Jeff said. “Though I was born in Los Angeles, I am a proud graduate of the CU School of Journalism and Mass Communication and love telling stories from throughout Colorado. I'm excited for the new challenge ahead on the Front Range.” In his free time, if he’s not watching futbol or football, you’ll find Jeff on the slopes. He's snowboarded at every resort in the state. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> A Rogan, either Seth or Joe <strong>Most Memorable Interview</strong>: T. Boone Pickens dodging my questions <strong>Dream Interview</strong>: The President <strong>Dream job</strong>: Lakers Sideline Reporter <strong>Job you would never attempt</strong>: Anything involving a cubicle <strong>Alma mater</strong>: CU <strong>Year hired</strong>: 2011 <strong>First TV appearance</strong>: CBS4 on a story about high calorie foods. I was an intern, and had to eat all these appetizers and desserts that were each over 2,000 calories. <strong>Why I'm a journalist</strong>: There's nothing else I've wanted to do in my life. Getting out and telling interesting stories is the best job in the world. <strong>Hometown</strong>: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA <strong>Favorite food</strong>: pizza with french fries on the side <strong>Favorite sports team</strong>: USC Trojan Football <strong>Word that best describes CBS4</strong>: Professional <strong>Favorite word</strong>: Gnarly <strong>Least favorite word</strong>: "Hecka" <strong>Favorite noise</strong>: My iPhone text message horn <strong>Least favorite noise</strong>: late night phone calls from bosses <strong>What keeps you in Colorado</strong>: The mountains <strong>Biggest risk you've taken</strong>: Flew in a T-38 out of Holloman AFB <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>

News Director

Tim Wieland<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Tim on Twitter</strong></a> <a href=""><strong>Share Feedback About A CBS4 Newscast</strong></a> Tim Wieland, a veteran employee of CBS4, KCNC-TV, has been News Director since June 2004. Wieland brings 20+ years of broadcast journalism experience to CBS4. His most recent tenure at KCNC-TV began in 2001 when he was hired as Assistant News Director. Since joining KCNC, the News Department has received several industry honors, including the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award in 2006, three national Edward R. Murrow Awards, several regional Murrow Awards including the award for Overall Excellence, and dozens of Emmy Awards. Before that, Wieland was a Newscast Producer and Field Producer for CNN based in Atlanta. As field producer, he traveled to stories such as the Columbine High School shooting in 1999 and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in 2000. Before CNN, Wieland spent seven years at KCNC writing and producing newscasts and was later promoted to Executive Producer. He started his broadcast journalism career as a reporter at KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado. Wieland is active in the Denver community and is involved in several philanthropic organizations. He is on the board of the Adoption Exchange, currently serving as vice chair. He is a member of the Advisory Board for the University of Colorado journalism program, and is a mentor for the "Boots to Suits" program which helps military veterans return to the workplace. Wieland is also on the board of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and was proud to serve on the Host Committee for the 2013 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. An Emmy Award winning journalist, Wieland is a 1991 graduate of the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism. He is also a graduate of the Newsroom Management program at the Poynter Institute, and now serves as Guest Faculty at Poynter for Leadership seminars. In 2010, Wieland was recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a “Forty Under 40” winner for his leadership in business and the community. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>

Other CBS4 Staff

John Montgomery<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-352" title="John Montgomery" src="" alt="John Montgomery" width="300" height="225" /> John Montgomery has been in television for more than 30 years, and 18 of those years have been spent at CBS4. As News Operations Manager, Montgomery manages CBS4's news gathering team at the assignment desk. He also coordinates and plans field coverage of major events. Montgomery has also worked in El Paso, Texas, Albuquerque, N.M., Harrisburg, Penn., Davenport Iowa, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. Montgomery says he hopes Denver will be his last TV market. In his career, Montgomery has been a photographer, special projects producer and has worked the assignment desk. He has several journalism awards, including the Colorado Black Journalist of the Year Award. Montgomery has been married to his wife Jacque for more than 20 years and has 2 children, Aaron and Morgan. He comes from a large Southern family with 12 other siblings. "My news philosophy is simple -- to cover the news accurately, fairly, thoroughly and to educate, inform and sometimes entertain viewers," Montgomery said. <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>Position:</strong> Assignment Manager <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Class <strong>Why I am journalist:</strong> Excitement - no day is routine! <strong>Year hired:</strong> 1996 <strong>Dream interview:</strong> Beyonce <strong>Hometown:</strong> Birmingham, Ala. <strong>Star sign:</strong> Libra <strong>Number of children:</strong> Two <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> 12 <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Golf, coaching kids' sports <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Chicken and pasta <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Dallas Cowboys <strong>Favorite musician:</strong> Isley Brothers <strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> New Mexico <strong>Dream job:</strong> Dallas Cowboys quarterback <strong>Job you would never attempt:</strong> Military <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> Sul Ross State University <strong>Number of pets:</strong> One <strong>Favorite authors:</strong> Toni Morrison, Margaret Blair Young <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Laundry <strong>Favorite word:</strong> Triumph <strong>Least favorite word:</strong> Quit <strong>Favorite noise:</strong> The sound of my car starting on Friday afternoon for the drive home <strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> Car backfires <strong>Favorite music:</strong> Isley Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Akon, Red Hot Chili Peppers <strong>What keeps you in Colorado? </strong> Weather, people, schools <strong>What's the biggest risk you've taken? </strong> I rode the rollercoaster at Elitch's (once) <strong>Who would play in a movie? </strong> Michael Clark Duncan <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Jeff Gurney<img class="size-medium wp-image-96019" title="Jeff Gurney" src="" alt="" width="300" height="231" /> <a href="">Follow Jeff On Twitter</a> What better place is there to live and work than Colorado. CBS4 News Senior Executive Producer Jeff Gurney feels lucky to have done both for more than ten years. Gurney loves telling good stories and then turning them into a newscast that people look forward to watching. So much has changed since he started at CBS4. Jeff says, "Now, not only can we serve Coloradans with traditional newscasts on television, but we can also share what's going on in our community through, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter." Jeff is an integral part of the CBS4 News management team. He launched the most recent newscast, CBS4 News at 6, in 2003 and helped revamp CBS4 News at 10 in 2004. Gurney has been recognized with numerous awards including the prestigious National Edward R. Murrow award for Best Newscast. He is also a graduate of the Poynter Institute for Excellence in Journalism. In 1991, he graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in journalism. He started as a reporter in Missouri and Kentucky before taking on his real passion for producing in Tennessee and Florida. Jeff served as a producer at WSVN-TV in Miami, Florida from 1996 through 1999, and joined the CBS4 News team in 2000. <div id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentModulesPlaceHolder_ContentModuleZone_23"> <div id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentModulesPlaceHolder_ContentModule_68495_divRealtedCol"> <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Position:</strong> Senior Executive Producer <strong>• Alma Mater: </strong>Western Kentucky University <strong>• Proudest Work-Related Moment:</strong> Winning a National Murrow Award <strong>• Favorite Event:</strong> Colorado X Games <strong>• Favorite Colorado Brew: </strong>Fat Tire <strong>• Favorite Story All Of Them:</strong> If They're Told Well <strong>• Favorite Interview: </strong>Ronald Reagan <strong>• Dream Interview:</strong> Dalai Lama <strong>• Most Hours Worked In A Week: </strong>Hurricane Coverage In '98 <strong>• Favorite Radio Station: </strong>KOA <strong>• Hometown:</strong> Chicago, Ill. <strong>• Favorite Author:</strong> Maya Angelou <strong>• Pet: </strong>Chuk, a Miniature Schnauzer <strong>• Favorite Ski Resort:</strong> Telluride <strong>• Most Influential Mentors: </strong>Bill Kurtis, Walter Jacobson, Shannon High <strong>• Dream Job: </strong>Ski Instructor <strong>• Star Sign:</strong> Libra <strong>• Favorite musicians:</strong> Fleetwood Mac, Whitney, Nine Inch Nails <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4: </strong>Thoughtful </div> </div> <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Raetta Holdman<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-88018" title="Raetta Holdman" src="" alt="" width="300" height="231" /> <a href="">Follow Raetta On Twitter</a> Raetta Holdman joined CBS4 News in 1988 as the 6 a.m. producer. In her decades, she has produced various newscasts throughout the day as well as as events such as Election Night coverage, candidate debates and Broncos victory parades along with many breaking news events as well as severe weather coverage ranging from blizzards to floods. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism with a degree in Broadcasting and a degree in economics from the University's College of Arts and Sciences. Raetta is a native of Missouri who often vacationed in Colorado as a child, including just missing the Big Thompson Flood because a change in plans took the family from Estes Park to Colorado Springs. When the opportunity arose to move to Denver from Florida, she leapt at it and never looked back. She is the mother of two amazing children and a completely astonishing grandson.   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong>• Postion </strong>Newscast Producer <strong>• Year Hired</strong> 1988 <strong>• Most memorable guest </strong>Omar Sharif <strong>• Role model</strong> Jane Pauley <strong>• Dream job</strong> Powerball winner <strong>• Job would you never attempt </strong>Anchor <strong>• Alma mater</strong> University of Missouri-Columbia <strong>• Star Sign</strong> Scorpio <strong>• First TV appearance</strong> Mizzou cut-in anchor, 1986 <strong>• First newscast</strong> Hands Across America <strong>• Favorite story/event</strong> World Youth Day <strong>• Hidden talent</strong> Ability to relate anything in entertainment world to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" <strong>• Hometown </strong>Richland, Missouri <strong>• Number of kids</strong> 2 <strong>• Number of pets</strong> 1 <strong>• Hobbies</strong> Reading <strong>• Favorite author </strong>Elizabeth George <strong>• Favorite musicians</strong> P!nk, Imagine Dragons <strong>• Favorite food</strong> Carpaccio <strong>• Favorite vacation spot</strong> Backyard with a good book <strong>• What one word best describes CBS4</strong> Team <strong>• Least favorite household chore</strong> Cleaning fridge <strong>• Favorite word</strong> Indeed <strong>• Favorite sound </strong>Little kids giggling <strong>• Least favorite noise</strong> TV tone <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> Family <strong>• What's the biggest risk you've taken? </strong>Having children <strong>• Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Janeane Garofalo (though it'd be great if Lisa Edelstien did!) <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Rob McClure<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-88019" title="Rob McClure" src="" alt="" width="300" height="231" /> <a href="">Follow Rob On Twitter</a> Rob McClure has been a photojournalist at CBS4 for more than a decade. A Colorado native, he became hooked on TV news in his Littleton High School journalism class as he shot stories with the school's video equipment. After attending Arapahoe Community College, he started his professional career as a photographer for the Fort Collins Evening News, a local cable newscast, in 1990. Then, after spending two years at KTVN-TV in Reno, Nev., he returned to Colorado, the place he is proud to call home. Rob shoots and edits daily news stories as well as special assignments for CBS4. He also operates the station's microwave and satellite live trucks, live cameras, the special camera aboard Copter4 and is an avid listener of public safety communications to get the story as it unfolds. <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-371" title="Rob McClure" src="" alt="" width="300" height="225" />In 2004, he traveled to Iraq as he accompanied CBS4's Dr. Dave Hnida, a battalion surgeon with the U.S. Army, on his first tour of duty there. Together, they gave viewers a candid look at life inside a major military prison camp and the medical care provided to the prisoners. Rob used portable satellite equipment to file news stories and he posted journal entries with his observations. Hnida provided live coverage of the day's events. The stories earned Rob an Emmy Award for his involvement in CBS4's continuing series "Serving With Honor." His experiences and observations in Iraq have given Rob a deep appreciation and respect for those who serve our country in the armed forces. Rob has a passion for balanced journalism and quality visual storytelling. He is a prisoner of gadgetry and all things outdoorsy, which makes running around outside with the ultimate gadget (a high-definition professional television camera) a perfect fit for him. A quote from Warren G. Harding pretty much sums up how Rob feels about his work: "My God, this is a hell of a job!" <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <strong> Year hired:</strong> 1996 <strong> Most memorable interview:</strong> First Lady Laura Bush <strong> Dream interview:</strong> Gene Roddenberry <strong> Dream job:</strong> Manned mission to Mars documentairan <strong> First story:</strong> Fort Collins radio station going out of business <strong> Role model:</strong> My mother and father <strong> Why I am a journalist:</strong> It's history makin'! <strong> Hidden talent:</strong> Pine beetle mitigation using chainsaw <strong> Hometown:</strong> Littleton <strong> Star sign:</strong> Earth, next left <strong> Number of children:</strong> One daughter <strong> Number of siblings:</strong> Two <strong> Hobbies:</strong> Communications, anything outdoors <strong> Favorite sports team:</strong> CSU Rams <strong> Favorite musician:</strong> Weird Al Yankovic <strong> Favorite vacation spot:</strong> Alaska <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Danielle Chavira<img src="" alt="Danielle Chavira" width="300" height="232" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1656461" /> <a href="">Follow Danielle On Twitter</a>     Danielle Chavira joined the CBS4 team in 2016 as a writer and producer. She made the switch to work with the digital team a little more than a year later. Danielle contributes to daily news coverage on all digital media platforms in the newsroom. After leaving her hometown of Mesa, Arizona, she graduated from New Mexico State University in 2010. She prides herself in graduating from the News22 KRWG-TV program at NMSU in which a group of student journalists produced a live 30 minute newscast three days a week. There Danielle learned the basics of television journalism and found her calling. She started as general assignment reporter and later worked as a weather reporter, news anchor and graduated as the executive producer. Danielle decided to study at NMSU because it's her mother's alma mater, and 90 percent of her extended family lives in Las Cruces. For the next six years after graduation, she would work in El Paso and Albuquerque. Danielle first came to Denver in 2010 for a National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention. It was then, she was reaffirmed in her passion for fulfilling her dream of working in Denver. Danielle's favorite thing to do in Denver is run. She's about to complete her fourth half-marathon and loves how the altitude makes her stronger. She also loves camping and trying to learn how to flyfish from her boyfriend. Danielle believes family comes first. In fact, her favorite song is "Family is Family" by Kacey Musgraves. She has two younger brothers, two sisters-in-law and three (adorable) nieces. She adores them and will talk your ear off about them if you let her. <strong>Just The Facts</strong> <strong>Position:</strong> Digital Media Producer <strong>Year hired:</strong> 2016 <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> New Mexico State University <strong>Why I am journalist:</strong> I want to help people be more informed in their daily lives. <strong>Dream interview:</strong> Jennifer Lopez <strong>Proudest journalistic moment:</strong> Winning an Emmy <strong>Role model:</strong> My mom. She's a double major in Business, but left that industry to work in education. <strong>Dream job:</strong> Digital media for the Arizona Cardinals <strong>Job you would never attempt:</strong> Anything dealing with science <strong>Star sign:</strong> Leo <strong>First TV appearance:</strong> 2008ish - I was a reporter for KRWG-TV (the PBS affiliate at NMSU) <strong>First story:</strong> My first memorable story was about how the university was taking steps toward sustainability. <strong>Favorite story:</strong> Hard to decide, but I do love giraffes. <strong>Favorite musician:</strong> Kacey Musgraves (hands down) <strong>Hometown:</strong> Mesa, Arizona <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Running, cooking, camping <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Basically anything spicy <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> Two <strong>Number of pets:</strong> One <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> AZ Cardinals <strong>Favorite author:</strong> Jodi Picoult <strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> So far, Puerto Peñasco <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Hardworking <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Bathroom <strong>Favorite noise:</strong> A baby laughing <strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> Snoring <strong>What music are you streaming?</strong> A whole lot of stuff from Kacey to Pepe Aguilar to Frankie Valli to Radiohead <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> My dream. I've always wanted to live here. <strong>What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Falling in love <strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Hopefully Jessica Alba <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Kristine Strain<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-356" title="Kristine Strain" src="" alt="Kristine Strain" width="300" height="225" /> <a href="">Follow Kristine On Twitter</a>     Kristine Strain has been the Assistant News Director at CBS4, KCNC-TV, the CBS owned and operated station in Denver, Colorado since 2005. She started at the station in October of 2000 as the Executive Producer and then Managing Editor. Since joining CBS4 the News Department has received the prestigious Peabody Award in 2006, three national Edward R. Murrow Awards, several regional Murrow Awards including the award for Overall Excellence, and countless Emmy's. Strain has been in the broadcast industry since the age of 15. She got her start by hosting a show called Teen Scene that she produced along with other teenagers for a Public television station in Miami, Florida. The TV bug bit her early. Before KCNC-TV, Strain was the Executive Producer for three years at WITI-TV; the Fox owned and operated station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prior to Milwaukee, Strain worked at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the 10pm producer. She was a producer in Kansas City, Missouri at KMBC-TV and WDAF-TV. She also produced newscasts at KAKE-TV in Wichita, Kansas and Topeka, Kansas at KSNT-TV. Strain has attended the Poynter Institute both as a student and visiting faculty. She graduated from the University of Kansas, with degrees in Journalism and Political Science. Strain recently earned her MBA from the University of Denver, Daniels School of Business. In her spare time she enjoys skiing, running and spending time in the Colorado sun. <div id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentModulesPlaceHolder_ContentModuleZone_23"> <div id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentModulesPlaceHolder_ContentModule_68495_divRealtedCol"> <h3>Just The Facts</h3> <ul> <strong>• Position:</strong> Assistant News Director <strong>• Why I am a journalist:</strong> My mother's life was saved by a TV journalist during Hurricane Andrew <strong>• Role model: </strong>My mother <strong>• Dream job:</strong> I have it <strong>• Job you would never attempt: </strong>Tight rope walker <strong>• Alma Mater: </strong>University of Kansas <strong>• Year hired: </strong>2000 <strong>• Hometown: </strong>Homestead, Fla. <strong>• Favorite food: </strong>Lobster <strong>• Favorite sports team: </strong>Kansas Jayhawks <strong>• Favorite vacation spot:</strong> The beach <strong>• What keeps you in Colorado? </strong>The mountains, my family, the sun </div> </div> <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Elaine Torres<img src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Elaine on Twitter</a></strong>     <a href="" /><strong>Send Elaine An Email</a></strong>     Elaine D. Torres is the Community Affairs Director at CBS4, KCNC–TV. She oversees the station’s community partnerships which include the Denver Art Museum, the National MS Society, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver and numerous others. Elaine manages CBS4’s strategic community partnerships, special events and station initiatives such as the Together 4 Colorado Toy Drive, A Day for Wednesday’s Child and several others. Elaine serves on a number of community boards and committees including the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Board of Trustees, the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado Board of Directors, The American Red Cross Mile High Chapter Board of Directors, the Colorado Non-Profit Association’s Leadership Advisory Committee, and the Denver Art Museum’s Marketing & Strategic Alliance Committee. Elaine was one of 20 women selected from across the country to participate in the National Hispana Leadership Institute’s 1999 leadership program. This program included intensive training in San Juan Bautista, California; the JFK School of Government at Harvard University; the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina; and the Hispanic Congressional Caucus in Washington, D.C. Elaine is a graduate of the 2001 Leadership Denver Program and in 2009 was named a “Woman of Distinction” through the Girl Scouts of Colorado. In 2018, Elaine received the inaugural Latinas LEAD Influencer Award from the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado. In 1999, Elaine completed her Master’s Degree in Applied Communications, with an emphasis in Marketing and Public Relations, from the University of Denver. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1993. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Ben Warwick<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" height="232" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Ben on Twitter</strong></a>     Ben Warwick is a Colorado native thrilled to be working back home. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado. His first job in television came in North Carolina. He moved home to work at CBS4 after a year on the Atlantic coast. In his Assignment Editor role, Ben coordinates resources for reporters and photographers, and helps manage the newsgathering operation for the station. He started out as a writer and producer on the CBS4 morning show in March of 2015. In his spare time, Ben enjoys sports. He has a healthy obsession with the Colorado Rockies and baseball in general. He enjoys finding new places to travel, spending time with family and friends, and likes to find beautiful places to further his photography hobby. <strong>Just The Facts</strong> <strong>Position:</strong> Assignment Editor <strong>Year hired:</strong> 2015 <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> University of Northern Colorado <strong>Why I am a journalist:</strong> I love to tell stories. Everyone has a story to tell, and the more we know about each other, the better we can put life into context. <strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> Former Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki <strong>Dream interview:</strong> A sitting U.S. president or world leader <strong>Dream job:</strong> First baseman for the Colorado Rockies <strong>Star sign:</strong> Taurus <strong>First TV appearance:</strong> When I was 10, I won a contest to be a Junior Stormtracker for a night at KOAA in Colorado Springs. <strong>Hometown:</strong> Colorado Springs <strong>Hobbies:</strong> I love sports, photography, travel, and writing. <strong>Favorite food:</strong> Italian <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Colorado Rockies <strong>Favorite book:</strong> “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee <strong>Favorite vacation spot:</strong> The Outer Banks of North Carolina <strong>What one word best describes CBS4:</strong> Teamwork <strong>Least favorite household chore:</strong> Dishes <strong>Least favorite words:</strong> Quit, Failure, Can’t <strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> Fingernails on a chalkboard <strong>What music are you listening to?</strong> Eagles, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, anything classic rock, country, pretty much anything 70s (no disco), 80s, and sometimes a little 90s <strong>What keeps you in Colorado?</strong> This is my home, and nowhere else maybe in the world can you get a good mix of people, sights, and activities <strong>What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Moving across the country alone for my first TV job out of college. I had no idea what life would be like in a brand new state with brand new people but it catapulted me to places I hadn’t dreamed possible. <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>
Dago Cordova<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1347702" src="" alt="CBS4" width="300" /> <a href=""><strong>Follow Dago on Twitter</strong></a> Dago Cordova joined CBS4 News in 2015 as a part-time writer. He took a full-time position as the weekend morning producer before taking his current position as weekday morning producer for the 6 a.m. CBS4 This Morning show. With the help of editors, he also helps create the CBS4 This Morning Eye Opener that airs at the top of every show. Dago has helped with coverage of the Broncos Super Bowl and victory parades, Presidential debates, local and national elections, and breaking news as it happens in the morning. That includes everything from snow and severe weather to tragic shootings. He graduated from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL with a Journalism major and took his first job as a morning news producer in Colorado Springs in 2012. He was also on-air, producing his own sports highlights segment, and participating in fun segments. Dago had never been to Colorado until he moved in for that first job. Growing up in Illinois, it didn’t take long for him to suffer from altitude sickness, but he is well acclimated now. He instantly fell in love with the view of the mountains and never gets tired of seeing them. He also doesn’t worry about getting lost on Colorado's Front Range because the mountains are always due west. Dago is a diehard Chicago sports fan but also roots for the home teams. He wants to see the Rockies, Nuggets, Broncos, and Rapids succeed in the playoffs and beyond!   <h3>Just The Facts</h3> • <strong>Position</strong>: News Producer • <strong>Year hired</strong>: 2015 • <strong>Alma Mater:</strong> Northern Illinois University • <strong>Why I am a journalist:</strong> I want to keep the public informed and give them something to talk about. • <strong>Most memorable interview:</strong> David Mickey Evans, director of "The Sandlot" (I showed him my PF Flyers and he signed the shoebox.) • <strong>Dream interview:</strong> Michael Jordan • <strong>Role model:</strong> My dad • <strong>Dream job:</strong> Working for the Chicago Cubs production or web team • <strong>Job you would never attempt:</strong> Play-by-play announcer (I would show my fan bias.) • <strong>First TV appearance:</strong> 2009 at the Northern Television Center as a news anchor • <strong>Favorite stories:</strong> Anything with Make-A-Wish kids or donations helping people in tough times • <strong>Hometown:</strong> Mundelein, IL • <strong>Hobbies:</strong> Checking out food spots, going to concerts, movies, and sports • <strong>Favorite food:</strong> My mom's. It's all Mexican. • <strong>Number of siblings:</strong> 2 • <strong>Number of pets:</strong> 1 • <strong>Favorite sports team:</strong> Chicago Cubs • <strong>Favorite author:</strong> Stephen King • <strong>Favorite noise:</strong> The crack of the baseball bat after a big hit • <strong>Least favorite noise:</strong> Rogue smoke detectors • <strong>What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?</strong> Moving to Colorado without knowing anyone and without a car • <strong>Who would play you in a movie?</strong> Michael Pena <strong>LINK: <a href="">See The Whole CBS4 News Team</a></strong>