Left Lane Law

Help keep the road safe by following Colorado’s Left Lane Law. Don’t linger in the left. On highways that are 65-mph or more, remember to drive in the right lane unless you are passing.

Staying in the left lane can gridlock the flow of traffic. Those unable to pass may grow frustrated and exhibit aggressive driving activities, which increases the risk for traffic accidents. Remember to do the right thing and only use the left lane to pass. Following the Left Lane Law keeps traffic flowing and keeps the road safe. Learn more.

Move Over Law

Follow Colorado’s Move Over Law to give first responders and roadway workers the space they need to work safely.

When an emergency responder vehicle is approaching with flashing lights or a siren, pull over to the right until the vehicle has passed. When an emergency responder or roadway maintenance vehicle is stopped on the road, slow down and move one lane away if possible. Otherwise, slow down and pass responsibly. It is a courteous practice to safely move one lane away when any vehicles are pulled over on the road. Learn more.

Distracted Driving Awareness

One in four car accidents in the U.S. are caused by cell phone usage. Studies show that hands-free and voice-to-text devices actually increase metal distraction, further contributing to distracted driving dangers.

Texting while driving is six times more dangerous than drunk driving. On average, someone who is texting while driving will take their eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds, the amount of time is takes a vehicle traveling 55-mph to travel the length of a football field. No text is worth a life.

Distracted driving extends beyond just cell phone usage. Music, talking, eating – anything that distracts you from the task of driving is dangerous. Focus on the road. Whatever is distracting you, it can wait. Learn more.

Winter Driving Safety

Is your vehicle ready for winter?
Keep your windshield washer fluid full. Maintain proper tire pressure and be sure to have at least 3mm of tire tread. Ensure your windshield is free of cracks and keep your windshield clean, both inside and out. Have a pair of sunglasses on hand and be cautious of sun glare in the winter months.

Use safe driving practices.
If there is precipitation on the road, use a lower gear to maintain traction. Drive with caution on hills, overpasses, bridges, and highway on- and off-ramps, which will freeze first. Do not overdrive, overcorrect your turns, or use cruise control when there is the risk of ice on the road. During winter driving conditions, allow at least three times more space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Decrease your speed and leave plenty of room to stop.

Learn more driving safety tips and see how E-470 prepares for winter driving conditions on the roadway. Learn more.

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