SPORTS THIS WEEK Our SEC game of the week this Saturday 10/26 at 1PM is Auburn @ LSU On Sunday 10/27, it’s a doubleheader week for CBS.  After FORD COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF Sunday at 9:30AM and THE NFL TODAY at 10:00AM, Game 1 will be Denver at Indianapolis.  Game 2 after the Broncos gmae will be Oakland at Houston.

Daylight Saving Time ends Saturday night 11/2-Sunday morning 11/3 at 2:00AM.  We’ll “Fall Back” one hour, so you’ll get an extra hour of sleep or play time!  The Broncos will host the Cleveland Browns at 2:25PM Sunday afternoon.  Set your clocks!

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Closed Captioning Contact Information:

For immediate concerns about closed captioning of broadcast programs or online video content during M-F weekday business hours 8A-5PM, call Wendy Holmes at (303) 830-6556, fax (303) 830-6537 or e-mail wholmes@cbs.com.  Outside regular business hours, please call (303) 830-6377, fax (303) 803-6537 or e-mail kcnccaptioning@cbs.com.

For closed captioning complaints regarding non-immediate issues, please write to:  Wendy Holmes, Program Director, KCNC-TV, 1044 Lincoln, Denver, CO 80203; phone number (303) 830-6556, fax (303) 830-6537 or e-mail either wholmes@cbs.com or kcnccaptioning@cbs.com.

Our main number is (303) 861-4444 and is open 8A-5PM Mondays-Fridays.  The Newsroom Assignment Desk is available 24/7 at (303) 830-6464.