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  1. Dean says:

    The worst coaching I have ever seen we did what NE wanted

  2. Larry Cochran says:

    I agree Dean
    Seems Tebow tried, but did not get much help from the others! why?

  3. Emily says:

    Go Patriots!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rob says:

    you can’t block a quaterback if you do not know where he is at, and if they would have stopped the pass play on the pats,they wouldn’t have anything.

  5. Anjucta says:

    yea, hand timed is not very accurate. good thing you guys used aresls. form is another thing that would help 40 times drastically people practicing for the combine obviously practice their 3 point starts to shave multiple tenths of a second, but you guys probably werent training for this test for months on end. raw athleticism is a good way of putting it.how did you guys measure reach before the vertical jump?

  6. Antony says:

    Nice one, James. An important oetbrvasion if Tebow loses, modern American Christendom does not come crashing down! Gary Ablett was a Christian, and possibly still is. I’m glad that Australian Christians didn’t invest their hope in him (unless they were Cats supporters, of course!). I like when people utilise their sport-star status to promote the gravity of their faith, though, like .

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