CBS4 Morning Reporter Mekialaya White is a proud Coloradan, and couldn’t ask for a better place to call home. She is as thrilled to tell your stories as she is passionate about the community and gorgeous state she grew up in!

Mekialaya joined CBS4 Mornings in January of 2019, after working her way up at the station doing a little of everything behind the scenes. It has always been her dream to be here, and she is honored to help give people a voice every day.

Mekialaya is grateful that her news career has allowed her to experience a variety of cultures. She has produced, reported, and anchored in Wichita, Kansas; Cincinnati, Ohio; and, most recently, her hometown of Colorado Springs (go, Rampart Rams!). She’s earned a variety of storytelling awards, including from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for feature and weather coverage. Some of her most memorable shoots undoubtedly involve the wild weather and tornadoes of Kansas, plus the anticipation of election nights and inaugurations. The stories she holds dearest to her heart are those in which she gets to share inspiration and empower others.

She is a University of Northern Colorado graduate, where she double-majored in journalism and communication and minored in English. She was born in Panama City, Panama, and lived there for a short time before moving to the States; her parents are both retired 20+ year Air Force veterans.

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Aside from reporting, she loves to adventure (Telluride and the Western Slope are her absolute favorite parts of our state), spend time with her family and friends, and volunteer in her spare time. She’s currently learning more about sports, and her boyfriend says she’s … getting there! She is also a foodie and enjoys the art of cooking. Pass along any and all recipes you’d like. And, as always, she enjoys hearing your story ideas and feedback.

Just The Facts

Position: Reporter
Year hired: 2019
Alma Mater: University of Northern Colorado
Why I am journalist: To empower others
Dream interview: Oprah!
Role model: Same as above. She’s my idol!
Dream job: It might sound cheesy, but, wholeheartedly, the one I am doing right now!
Job you would never attempt: Mathematician, too right-brained.
Favorite musician: So many, but my go-to’s are either hip hop or alternative rock.
Hidden talent: Undisputed tetherball and hopscotch champion in elementary school. Other than that, hidden!
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Hobbies: Hiking, photography, learning, reading, checking out new restaurants, museums, etc. Experiencing new things.
Favorite food: If you ask anyone, my go-to is Mexican food. But I can also throw down on some sushi.
Number of pets: None, yet. I have been wanting to adopt a dog (Goldendoodle) for ages, and I’m determined to soon.
Favorite sports team: Nuggets!
Favorite author: Gillian Flynn
Favorite vacation spot: Thus far, definitely the Bahamas
What one word best describes CBS4: Teamwork
Least favorite household chore: I think I’m an oddball… I love cleaning. Vacuuming, laundry, love it all.
Favorite word: Saunter
Least favorite words: Don’t have one!
What keeps you in Colorado? Everyone I love – family and friends.
What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken? Moving across the country for previous journalism jobs!
Who would play you in a movie? I’ve always wanted to make a movie cameo as a reporter. A girl can dream, right?