Mayoral Debate

Watch the May 21 debate between candidates Chris Romer and Michael Hancock in the video clips below.

The debate was a joint production between CBS4 and Colorado Public Television. Political Specialist Shaun Boyd moderated the debate along with political analyst Eric Sondermann.

CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass also posed questions to the candidates about issues with the Denver Police Department. See his questions and the candidates answers in the first segment of the debate:

In one of the more heated moments of the debate, Michael Hancock said he doesn’t condone what happened when one of the members of his staff heckled Federico Peno while the former Denver mayor was endorsing Chris Romer. Watch that description, as well as other questions and answers, below in the second segment of the debate.

Watch Part III of the debate below:

Watch Part IV of the debate below:

Watch Part V of the debate below. In this segment, the candidates go through a “speed round,” where they must give quick answers to a slurry of questions.