DENVER (CBS4) – “Dear Evan Hansen” is a modern musical about life as a teenager in the digital age. There is a letter that was never meant to be seen, and a lie that never should have been told, and a teenager who goes from being an outcast to finally fitting in. “Dear Evan Hansen” is playing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts from September 25 – October 13.

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“Dear Evan Hansen” won six Tony Awards, and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. It all started as a college project.

dear evan hansen Hottest Ticket On Broadway Is Coming To Denver “Dear Evan Hansen” (credit DCPA)

“It was the kind of thing that we didn’t think anyone would give us permission to write. It’s not your typical musical story, and it doesn’t have the typical kind of sound, necessarily, of a lot of other Broadway shows, but we were excited about it,” said Benj Pasek, one of the songwriters of the show.

dear evan hansen 4 Hottest Ticket On Broadway Is Coming To Denver Justin Paul & Benj Pasek, songwriters (credit CBS)

Both songwriters said that the show started from a very cynical place. It starts with a tragedy, but then grows into a story of hope and healing.

“A story about a young man and a family, and sort of how their circumstances put them in this place where they’re in need of healing,” said songwriter, Justin Paul.

dear evan hansen 2 Hottest Ticket On Broadway Is Coming To Denver “Dear Evan Hansen” (credit DCPA)

The show is set in modern times which means that social media places an important role in the story.

“When a tragedy does strike, people feel the need to be apart of it. And we wanted to get to the root of that. And I think, we were really interested in exploring how social media had made us, as a society, more isolated, and seemingly more lonely than ever. But then at the same time, there is the opportunity for real community and real connectivity,” Pasek told CBS4.


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