DENVER (CBS4) – There were clear skies above Colorado for the partial lunar eclipse on Saturday morning.

Many Colorado photographers captured great pictures of the event, and some shared their photos with CBS4.

Moon(credit: Evan Semón)

This phenomena occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, causing Earth to cast a red shadow.

Jeff Tropeano with the Denver Astronomical Society said before the event that while it was a partial eclipse, for those in and around Denver, it almost looked like a total eclipse.

LINK: Denver Astronomical Society

Tropeano said the shadow is red because you’re seeing the sunset on the other side of the world being projected onto the surface of the moon.

The following are some of the many photos of the “blood moon” people submitted to YouReport or posted on social media.

Moon(credit: Chad M. Julius of AF Photos)

MoonPhoto taken from City Park Golf Course (Kyle Schroeder)

MoonPhoto taken in Boulder looking towards Lefthand Canyon (credit: Michael Kucsmas)

Moon(credit: Erik Stensland Fine Art Photography)

MoonPhoto taken in Evergreen (credit: Ron Pearson, a Denver Astronomical Society member)

Moon(credit: Sherry Skipper)

MoonPhoto taken in the Gore Range (credit: Daniel McVey)

MoonPhoto taken in Littleton (credit: Thad Roan)

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