Updates From Colorado's Weather Center

Storm Hits Denver Metro Area With Heavy Rain, Hail And Street FloodingSevere thunderstorms hit Colorado on Wednesday evening, bringing heavy rain, thunder, strong winds and some hail.
Heat Wave Blamed For Smelly Water In AuroraThe recent heat wave is being blamed for the bad smell coming from tap water in Aurora.
'Not A Time Lapse': Electric Storm Lights Up Colorado SkyTalk about a dark and stormy night!
Denver Weather: Storms With Heavy Rain, Hail Possible This EveningA cold front moved through the region overnight and will impact areas east of the Continental Divide today.
NCAR Research Shows Denver Metro Area Ozone Can Be Damaging To PlantsOzone is something you can't see, but it's nearly everywhere, and scientist in Boulder say it's damaging plants.
Could A Bleak South American Ski Season Be Preview Of Colorado's Upcoming Season?South America is now in the second half of winter and so far the skiing across most of the continent has been awful. The outlook for Colorado looks better but nothing resembling last year.
Boulder Researchers Prepare For Historic Arctic ExpeditionScientists are preparing for what could be the biggest Arctic expedition ever, with about 500 scientists from 17 countries involved.
Scientists Say Heat Wave In Alaska Is Killing Large Numbers Of SalmonScientists are blaming unprecedented heat wave this summer for reduced salmon populations in parts of Alaska.
Denver Public Schools May Turn To Voters To Get Air Conditioning In Dozens Of SchoolsDenver Public Schools students are back in the classroom, but for many their first day of school also brought sweltering heat.
WATCH: Dozens Of People Try To Catch Flying Air Mattresses In StapletonA cellphone video taken over the weekend captured dozens of air mattresses blowing through the air, some landing in a nearby pool in the Stapleton neighborhood.
Denver Teachers Find Ways To Cool Classrooms In Record-Breaking HeatHot weather is contributing to the early dismissal of a school in northeast Denver on the first day of classes.
VIDEO: Windstorm Blows Dozens Of Air Mattresses Across Denver ParkVideo captured over the weekend in Denver's Stapleton neighborhood shows a rather bizarre sight -- dozens of air mattresses getting blown across a park together.