Reality Check: Political Ads Running On TV In 2018

Reality Check: 'RadiCalifornia' Attack Ad On Polis' Health Care PlanHealth care is one of the top issues in this year's gubernatorial race in Colorado. The two candidates have very different plans when it comes to coverage and cost and a new attack ad suggests one of those plans would bankrupt the state.
Reality Check: Group Aims To Keep Anti-Fracking Measure Off BallotVoters will soon know which measures will make the 2018 ballot. The deadline to turn in signatures is less than two weeks away.
Reality Check: Mike Johnston's Focus On Gun ControlImmigration and education have dominated the governor's race in Colorado.
Reality Check: Ad Targets Sanctuary City PoliciesWith the primary election just days away, the controversy around federal immigration policy is now dominating the debate.
Reality Check: Jared Polis Counterattack AdDemocratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis is firing back after he came under attack in an ad by a PAC supporting his opponent Cary Kennedy.
Reality Check: 1 Attack Ad Leads To Another Amid Clean Campaign PledgeWith Election Day less than two weeks away, the Democratic gubernatorial primary is turning ugly.
School Shooting Survivor Rallies At National Western Conservative SummitA survivor of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida spoke at the 2018 National Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Saturday.
Reality Check: Mitchell The First To Sling Mud In GOP Primary RaceAs the race for governor enters its final stretch, one of the Republican candidates is going negative.
Reality Check: Cary Kennedy Defends Negative Super PAC AdDespite promising to run a clean campaign, Kennedy is defending an attack ad by her super PAC.
Reality Check: Victor Mitchell Touts Conservative CredentialsMost of this year's gubernatorial candidates on the Republican side have not held statewide office. That includes Victor Mitchell.
Reality Check: Walker Stapleton's TV Ads Aim For Republican BaseWith the primary election just four weeks away, Colorado's gubernatorial candidates are sinking serious money into political ads.
Reality Check: Mike Johnston's Record On EducationThe primary election for Colorado's next governor is just five weeks away and political ads are now blanketing the airwaves. CBS4's Political Specialist Shaun Boyd gives the ads a Reality Check.
Reality Check: Cary Kennedy's Education ClaimsEducation has emerged as the top issue in this year’s Democratic primary for governor of Colorado.
Reality Check: Jared Polis' Education ClaimsEducation has emerged as the top issue in this year’s Democratic primary for governor of Colorado.