Buyer Beware: Some Used Cars Could Come With Recalls

The Denver Business Journal reported last week that used-vehicle registrations, were up 5 percent in March from a year earlier and rose 2 percent for the first quarter of the year. But there are some things consumers need to know before they make that next used car purchase. How can you be sure the car you are interested in purchasing does not have open unsafe recalls? In a 4 On Your Side Consumer Investigation, Jodi Brooks uncovers dozens of cars on Craigslist with open recalls.

CARFAX, a company that compiles vehicle history reports, estimates there are more than 30,000 cars on Colorado roadways with open recalls.
“There’s estimates that one out of every 3 recalled cars don’t get fixed,” said Christopher Basso, Public Relations Manager with CARFAX.

Most of the recalls are safety issues, some are serious, like airbags that deploy spontaneously. This Consumer Investigation uncovers how these cars are changing hands without anyone realizing there are safety issues. On Monday, April 29th at 10pm on CBS4, Jodi Brooks explains the one thing that every car owner needs to do to make sure their vehicle is safe.