By Spencer Wilson

SILVERTHRONE, Colo. (CBS4)– After finding male and female moose calves dead in Silverthorne at the end of March, an investigation into their deaths has revealed the two died after eating a plant named “yew.”

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

“Poisoning from the yew plant, a decretive plant that you will find in yards,” Northwest Parks and Wildlife’s Rachael Gonzales explained

The toxicology screening confirmed the toxic plant was ingested and killed the animals. You can see the photos from the investigation here.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

“They were thin but that is not uncommon this time of year,” Gonzales went on to say. “Most animals have lost their fat reserves as they are going through winter and things just haven’t quite greened up yet enough for them.”

Because of their low weight, the moose were especially susceptible to the toxins.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

The homeowner is not in trouble, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife hopes this serves as a reminder to people to be careful with what they plant.

“I think it is a good reminder, decorations in general, non-native plants, fake plants, things like that, we always need to be cautious about having them outside especially if they are in reach of our animals,” Gonzales added.

Spencer Wilson