By Jennifer McRae

(CBS4)– Astronauts with Colorado ties are now aboard the International Space Station. The crew launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida early Wednesday.

(credit: CBS)

After a 16-hour flight, Jessica Watkins and Kjell Lindgren are now on ISS with their other crew members. Lindgren studied at CU, CSU and the Air Force Academy.

Watkins grew up in Colorado and is the first Black woman to spend six months on the International Space Station.

(credit: NASA)

“I think my favorite part was when we were coming in for docking, we were starting to get suits on and prepare. Had just enough time to look out the window. Super bright with the solar rays… it was gorgeous looking forward to seeing more of those amazing views,” said Watkins once she was aboard ISS.

(credit: CBS)

During their time at the orbiting lab, The crew will conduct more than 200 science experiments. They’re hoping these experiments will help with exploration and benefit life on Earth.

Jennifer McRae