DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The Douglas County Commissioners announced they suspended Lora Thomas from Chair of the Board. They want an investigation into her conduct regarding the departure of a first responder.

They say she shared information about that person at a large political event.

(credit: CBS)

Thomas says this is a “politically motivated stunt.”

She went on to say on social media, “My crime is protecting taxpayers from funding RWR a boondoggle water project to take water from the San Luis Valley w/ARPA $$.”

County commissioners say Thomas “attempted to ‘DOX’ farmers who had expressed fear that there would be personal and financial retribution to them for speaking out about water issues.”

Fellow commissioners George Teal and Abe Laydon have previous voiced dissension with Lora Thomas.

In February 2022, a fight over a controversial water proposal turned into a power struggle and resulted in a resident calling out the commissioners to “act like adults.”

A year ago, on April 24, 2021, Teal and Laydon tried to oust Thomas after a fight over whose turn it was to do a media interview.

Read the full statement from the Douglas County Commissioners:

Today the Board of County Commissioners had to make the unfortunate decision to suspend Lora Thomas as Chair of the Board and call for an investigation into her conduct following receipt of a letter of resignation from a first responder whose information had been shared widely and publicly by Thomas at a large political event, which Lora Thomas circulated for her own political advantage.

The Board is also in receipt of correspondence from Lora Thomas, which was not authorized by the Board, wherein she attempted to “DOX” farmers who had expressed fear that there would be personal and financial retribution to them for speaking out about water issues. Lora Thomas had been advised that all information received from individuals in the valley would be shared with the full board, but that specific identities would be protected to ensure no harm came their way. She made the poor decision to callously ignore this direction from the board and assert herself as “Chair of the Board” in order to intimidate these individuals.

Regrettably this is only the most recent example of Lora Thomas’ conduct whereby she has attempted to bully, harass, and intimidate those with whom she disagrees. Putting our valuable employees at risk and exposing our first responders to professional harm for her own political benefit is highly inappropriate and character unbecoming the chair of our board.

Further information will be shared following the conclusion of the County’s investigation.

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