By Jack Lowenstein

(CBS4) — In Denver, nonprofit company Uncharted is doing a four-day work week maintaining 100% productivity for 20% less work, and the pay stays the same.

(credit: CBS)

At first, it started as an experiment, but CEO Banks Benitez wanted to know if this model could be sustained over time. That’s why he had analysts grade their performance over a 90 day period.

A lot of companies want to adopt this model, but would require longer work days for employees. Uncharted seems to have found the perfect balance.

“It’s changed everything,” Benitez said. “It reduced workplace stress, reduced burnout. We saw no reduction in productivity. So our team was able to continue to produce at the same level of quality and quantity of output, and every Friday was off.

“It’s an opportunity to take a step back and think about how you can be smarter with your work,” Emily Lutyens said. “I’m definitely happier, and I think that I’m just living my life better.”

Around the country, crowd-funding site Kickstarter is among dozens of company’s currently trying out a 4-day work week.

Jack Lowenstein