By Danielle Chavira

(CBS4) – A mother from Kansas praised a Colorado State Trooper for pulling her son over after he was speeding. In a handwritten letter, the woman, identified as Ronda, says the encounter was “a valuable lesson.”

Ronda explains she and her sister both lost their husbands to cancer, and the three children in the vehicle lost their fathers.

She was appreciative of Troop Voss’ care and concern for the driver’s behavior behind the wheel, sharing how dangerous it could be driving through Colorado’s mountains.

“You made them think about what may happen if they couldn’t slow down in the mountains,” she stated. “You showed genuine care and concern for us!”

Ronda says the message was heard loud and clear, and her son slowed down and was more cautious.

“It kind of felt like their dads had sent you to teach them a valuable lesson.”

Danielle Chavira