MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – It might seem counterintuitive but the Holiday Drive-In at Red Rocks is a huge success. Denver Film and Denver Arts and Venues decided to hold a special holiday event as part of Mile High Holidays.

“We are back to wearing masks in public indoors,” explained Denver Film Director James Mejía. “What a great opportunity for a family to have holiday entertainment from the safety of their own vehicle. So Film On the Rocks Drive-Ins are back.”

(credit: CBS)

Mejía said it was an easy decision to do the holiday series after the success of the drive-ins the past two summers.

“We thought that Film On The Rocks Drive-In would be limited to one summer, that it would just be the height of COVID and people not wanting to mix with others or not able to mix with others.”

“What we’ve found is that there is an audience for these drive-ins throughout the year. And summer was a wonderful time to offer some of what we call our ‘cult classics’ and then the idea of the Holiday Series came up with Arts and Venues with regard to our partnership, we decided ‘Let’s jump in with both feet.'”

(credit: CBS)

The drive-in series includes both evening shows and matinees, thanks to some impressive new technology. The sound comes in through your car radio.

“The screen is also the best LED screen in this region of the country so even in the middle of the day for a matinee performance the screen is very clear,” said Mejía .

While this year has brought unseasonably warm temperatures, there is the question of heading to a drive-in during what should be cold and snowy days and evenings.

Mejía says the fact that it is Colorado makes all the difference. “Coloradans, I think, are used to activities outdoors with inclement weather. People are used to having blankets and jackets in the car. Frankly it wa sa lot of fun to have a little chilly weather and kind of huddle up in your car and enjoy a drive-in. It’s a fun way to see a film.”

Find the full schedule here.