By Anica Padilla

PUEBLO, Colo. (CBS4) — It appears the Grinch struck early this year — someone stole a car in Pueblo that had all the groceries for one family’s entire Thanksgiving dinner inside. Police later found the car, but everything for the holiday meal was gone. However, members of the community made sure this story had a happy ending.

“Pueblo Police officers and Walmart pulled together to help this family have a great Thanksgiving!” the Pueblo Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Walmart donated a complete Thanksgiving feast for the family — and police officers provided Christmas gifts for the five young children.

(credit: Pueblo Police)

The grateful mom, Jocelyn Tilley, expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you Pueblo PD! Every single officer I had contact with today was so nice and really made Thanksgiving possible for my family this year,” Tilley wrote on Facebook. “You have truly blessed us.”
“I am proud to live in a city where the community can come together and help out a family who was the victim of a criminal’s extremely poor choices,” Tilley added. “Thank you Northside Walmart and PPD. You all have wonderful souls.”
“Praise Jesus that my car was recovered relatively unharmed, nobody was hurt, [the] thief will face justice, we are able to have a Thanksgiving feast, and my kids were able to play at the park with their brand new toys today.”

Anica Padilla