DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado will be on the border of seeing Northern Lights for the Halloween weekend after a huge solar flare.

The U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a strong Geomagnetic Storm Watch for the weekend after a large solar flare happened Thursday morning around 9:35 mountain time. The energy from the flare will arrive at Earth Saturday with effects lasting into Halloween.

Northern lights (Aurora borealis) are photographed on Unstad’s bay in the arctic circle, on September 22, 2017, on the eve of the opening of the Lofoten Masters 2017, the world’s most northerly surf competition. (Photo credit: OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s not expected to impact any technology but the energy is strong enough to push the aurora, or Northern Lights, away from the North Pole and towards the far Northeast, upper Midwest and Washington state.

The lower edge will be close to Colorado but CBS4 Meteorologist Ashton Altieri says our chances of a light show are slim. He points to our geographic location and the forecast for clouds and rain this weekend.

“The likelihood of clear skies Saturday night is very small,” Altieri said. “Clouds should be on the increase and it could be overcast by midnight.”

If you are in a border area, Altieri said there are better viewing opportunities in Kansas and Nebraska but clouds are still a concern in both of those states.

Raetta Holdman