DENVER (CBS4) – An investigation is underway in a southwest Denver neighborhood after two cars are set on fire and a nearby home surveillance system captures it all on camera. Denver Fire officials said the incident happened on Tuesday around 5 a.m.

Raymond Gutierrez said he was shocked to see his neighbor’s car in flames. Gutierrez didn’t see it happen in real time, but he was able to review what happened by viewing his Nest camera footage. He later heard firefighters arrive at the scene.

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“I just happened to glance and I saw that fire ball that erupted,” Gutierrez said. “Lived in the neighborhood for seven years and it’s been mostly peaceful for that most part in that neighborhood but that was the craziest thing I’ve seen since I’ve lived there.”

The surveillance video shows two cars pull up to the driveway of the home and moments later the cars catch fire. The video later shows two people run away from the driveway, and two cars are seen taking off. The video then shows nearby neighbors scrambling to call 911.

“The across the street neighbors that are directly in front of me, ran to that house and knocked on their door, so I’m glad someone was on the lookout that night,” said Gutierrez.

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Investigators with the Denver Fire Department are working to find out what exactly happened.

“So our goal is to investigate this fire, as we do all fires, thoroughly, so that we can make a determination of what caused the fire, and if we can find someone that might have done something maliciously, then we’ll address things through the legal system,” said Greg Pixley, a spokesperson with DFD.

No one was hurt in the fire. While the fire was contained pretty quickly, Pixley said the situation could have been deadly.

“The Denver Fire Department asks everyone to call 911 at the first sign of a fire or an emergency,” Pixley said.

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Pixley said if anyone has any information on what may have happened on Tuesday, you can call the DFD tip line at (720) 913-3474.