By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4)– Even before the clock struck 10 o’clock on Monday morning, students began their walkout from East High School and North High School to protest Tay Anderson‘s position on the Denver School Board. Last week, Anderson was censured by the board after an investigation revealed that he had acted inappropriately but the initial allegations of sexual assault were unfounded.

(credit: CBS)

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More than 1,000 students left classes to protest Anderson’s actions.

One East High School student, who is Black, told CBS4, “It’s not racial. He did what he did and is going to get what he deserves.”

With police escorts, they marched through the streets of Denver to their destination- the Denver Public School headquarters in downtown Denver.

The 96-page redacted report which found those anonymous sex assault allegations against the board member to be “unsubstantiated.” The report did find that Anderson acted inappropriately by texting with students.

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Rick Sallinger asked a female protester carrying a sign reading: “62 Allegations How Many More Does It Take?’

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“Do you know the allegations were unsubstantiated?” Sallinger asked.

She replied, “We do, and we stand with the victims and want them to know we believe them, even if the school board doesn’t.”

Representatives from several high schools met with DPS and school board leaders.

Two of the student representatives were asked, “Did you demand that he resign?”

They responded, “Yes, unfortunately, the other board members don’t have power over whether he resigns… he needs to make that decision for himself.”

They did receive a promise to draft a code of conduct for school board members. The board president Dr. Carrie Olson and Vice President Jennifer Bacon indicated they are studying what other districts around the country have for such codes.

(credit: CBS)

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In the meantime, if Anderson does not resign some of the students said they would encourage a recall effort to remove him from office.

Rick Sallinger