By Danielle Chavira

DENVER (CBS4) – A number of undercover investigations at a Denver nightclub resulted in the city’s Excise and Licenses Department to order the club’s owners to report to court. Denver police filed multiple reports at Beta Nightclub on Blake Street near 19th Street this summer.

(credit: CBS)

Investigators linked the nightclub to multiple shootings and crimes. Reports from undercover detectives state a security guard felt the undercover cop’s weapon and let her in the building anyway. The officer reported meeting a 19-year-old person using a fake I.D. and bought cocaine from them.

In another instance, reports state a security guard’s license was expired, but the club paid her in cash.

In July, undercover officers reportedly had concerns about the crowd size inside the club, but management did not address it. They say there were fights inside between rival gang members.

The owners will be tasked to show why their liquor licenses shouldn’t be suspended or revoked. The owners are expected to appear in court on Oct. 18.

Danielle Chavira