By Jesse Sarles

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A skunk that died in Boulder has tested positive for rabies. Health officials in Boulder County say a resident on Indian Road saw the skunk acting strangely over the course of a couple of days, and then on Monday it was found dead. It was found near the intersection of Valmont Road and 61st Street.

Boulder County Public Health confirmed the rabies testing done on the animal came up positive.

Anyone who had any recent contact with a skunk in that part of Boulder is asked to call 303-441-1564 to report it to BCPH. They also ask that any animal who may have suffered a bite possibly from a skunk should also contact them. (BCPH says pets that don’t have the rabies vaccination and come into contact with a rabid animal “may need to be euthanized or placed in a four-month quarantine at the owner’s expense.”)

In addition to skunks, rabies can sometimes be found in other wild animals on Colorado’s Front Range including bats, foxes and raccoons.

In order to avoid human cases of rabies, people should never handle unfamiliar wild or domestic animals.

Jesse Sarles