DENVER (CBS4) – After more than a week with unhealthy wildfire smoke mainly from California causing bad air, improvement will start Thursday and by Friday afternoon the smoke may no longer be noticeable.

For many residents along Colorado’s Front Range, the decreasing smoke will allow health problems like burning eyes and a runny nose to finally subside. Improving visibility will also mean many areas will finally get a unobstructed view of the foothills and mountains again.

Thursday morning will still include a good amount of haze and smoke before improvement in the afternoon.

(source: CBS)

Even more significant improvement will occur on Friday with only light smoke remaining in Colorado.

(source: CBS)

Despite the thinning smoke, Denver and most of the population centers in Colorado remain under another Air Quality Alert for Thursday. It’s the 39the consecutive day with an alert and the 51st day this summer with an alert. The record is 52 days from 2018 and it seems very likely that record will be broken this summer.

(source: CBS)

It also won’t be as hot on Thursday with high temperatures in the metro area closer to 90 degrees than 100 degrees which has been the case since Monday.

Meteorologist Ashton Altieri