By Meteorologist Lauren Whitney

(CBS4) – Our recent heavy rainfall has paid off in terms of drought improvement for western Colorado. We have seen drastic changes in just the last week!

Here is a look at our updated Drought Monitor:

Our exceptional drought, the worst level, has dropped 9% in the last week (!!) — going from 15% to 6% of the state. The extreme drought dropped from 27% to 21%, a great 6% improvement. Severe level dropped 3% while the moderate drought went down 5%.

We are starting to see some great improvement for our drought stricken West. However, we are starting to see a little abnormally dry creep back into northeastern Colorado.

Our recent rain has been great for improving the drought, but it hasn’t been great for flooding. There is a downside to so much moisture.

We will get a break for a few days from intense rain, giving us time to start to recover from all of the flooding.

Meteorologist Lauren Whitney