By Mekialaya White

DENVER (CBS4) – Artists are celebrating years of hard work coming to fruition, following the announcement that Meow Wolf will open a new permanent exhibition in Denver. Alaine “Skeena” Rodriguez and Oren Lomena of Aluis Hu shared their excitement with CBS4’s Mekialaya White over a Zoom call on Tuesday.

“It feels amazing. Every time we have opportunities like this, it feels more real,” said Rodriguez.

(credit: CBS)

The pair started spearheading Denver’s Meow Wolf three years ago after visiting the Santa Fe location.

“It was that trip down, and standing in that place, and feeling that connection to this magical world that doesn’t have to be far-fetched,” Rodriguez explained.

“It took both of us by storm,” said Lomena. “We noticed nomenclature for the Santa Fe exhibit, which was very maximalist art. It was really bombastic and narrative driven. We were both like ‘wow, how do we get involved in this?’”

(credit: Meow Wolf)

Thus began their journey collaborating with fellow artists to bring Meow Wolf to Colorado. The art collective, “Convergence Station,” is described as a magical, intricate experience for visitors.

“There’s two ways to experience it. You walk in and see it, and it’s very in your face. No question that you’re walking in some bad ass art. But there’s something underneath that will grab you if you’re there for that, and that’s the narrative you experience,” said Lomena. “It really is something you have to walk through, you have to be there to understand what it is.”

The duo hopes it helps illuminate Denver’s art community even more.

(credit: Meow Wolf)

“To work so hard and pour so much of yourself into a project and show it to as many people as Meow Wolf is going to be in front of, is an incredible opportunity that I can’t even grasp,” Rodriguez said.

“It confirmed to me that when you say yes to the opportunity, the things that can come out of that are miraculous and they can be giant,” said Lomena.

“Convergence Station” opens Sept. 17. General admission is $45

LINK: Meow Wolf Denver

Mekialaya White