By Romi Bean

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Vic Fangio is giving Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater equal opportunity to win the starting quarterback job. By the end of the first day of Broncos Training Camp, neither had created separation, which is to be expected.

The battle between Lock and Bridgewater should be a tight one and could last through the preseason. The victor might just be the guy who makes less mistakes.

“Every day I just take the approach that it’s my first time learning it. That way, I’m never feeling like I know too much. That keeps me grounded. That keeps me locked in,” Teddy Bridgewater said.

Teddy Bridgewater (credit: CBS)

Being under a microscope in an intense competition can bring out the worst in some. After competing for his job the past two seasons, Lock has learned how to rise above and stay strong mentally.

“Once you start getting wrapped up in ‘Oh Teddy won the day or I won the day,’ I think it becomes a little less about this team and us getting better and more about yourself. That’s when things can kind of take a downward toll. That’s definitely something I’m not going to be getting myself into,” Lock said.

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Courtesy: CBS

For Bridgewater, staying mentally strong is just part of his makeup.

“I’m a survivor. Throw me in the jungle, and I’m going to come out with a fur coat and a headband that I made of out some leaves. It’s about surviving at this point,” Bridgewater said.

(courtesy: CBS)

When it’s all said and done, the competition between Lock and Bridgewater will make both players better. More importantly, it will make the Denver Broncos better.

“The main goal, besides this competition, is for us to start winning games here,” Lock said.

“It’s all about making our squad better. One of my great mentors would say, just get your team in the end zone,” Bridgewater said.

Romi Bean