By Jesse Sarles

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Two men robbed a business owner in Colorado Springs on Monday night. Surveillance video from the Twisted Ape bar shows men with weapons rushing owner Chuck Sullivan.

(credit: Twisted Ape)

(credit: Twisted Ape)

He says the criminals told him to get to the ground. One held him at gunpoint while the other took his wallet and then cut off his hair. Sullivan says that was an attack on his culture.

“Cutting my hair, it takes a part of me as being Native American. That’s very special to me,” he said.

“My wallet and all that stuff is replaceable, but my memories of my hair and my tradition and stuff like that … it’s not.”

Sullivan started growing out his ponytail in 2012 after he nearly died in a car crash.

He says he simply wants the criminals found so there can be justice.

Jesse Sarles