By Mekialaya White

DENVER (CBS4) – More than half of the employers in Denver plan to add new positions this year. According to the hiring firm Robert Half, 52% of managers are adding more, permanent jobs.

Within our Getting to Work headlines on CBS4 Mornings, we have also highlighted how a record number of people are looking to make a career change this year. All these new positions could mean workers have more options.

According to Robert Half, employers are trying to lure the best workers with incentives like signing bonuses, more paid time off and better job titles. The hiring firm said technology and human resources are two industries likely to offer signing bonuses, while industries like marketing are offering more paid time off.

Denver isn’t the only big city with managers planning to add more position by the end of 2021. The firm also reported that more than 60% of managers in San Diego and Dallas plan to do so as well.

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Mekialaya White