By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – A few small business owners outside Coors Field say the All-Star Game is the boost they needed to recover from the pandemic and fan-less 2020 season. The licensed street vendors say this is the opportunity they needed.

(credit: CBS)

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“When we found out the All-Star was going to be here it was like, ‘OK we can make up for the first part of the year,’” said Kristin Moffett as she was selling bottles of water and peanuts near the corner of 20th and Blake Streets. “This is the most we’ve ever brought to a game. We brought two cars today to have what we needed, and we still have people running to get more ice, more water, stuff like that.”

Kristin and her husband, Daniel, sit half a block apart hoping to get as many hungry and thirsty fans preparing to walk into the stadium. They’ve been selling outside Coors Field for four years.

“The beginning of this season was hard because they didn’t let in seeds and peanuts, so we had to figure out other things to do. That was hard. But June 1st when they opened up seeds and peanuts it was like, ‘OK this is what we’re used to,’” Kristin said.

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(credit: CBS)

The couple also run a photo booth company. They’ve had to turn those customers away for the week to capitalize on the huge crowds in LoDo.

“We’ve done a couple proms now that they are able to do them again. For the whole COVID year, we were sitting,” Kristin said. “We need to take the whole week off (of the photo booth). We need to be here. We need to have a piece of that action.”

Right now, the Moffett’s garage is stocked full of supplies to make it through the week. Kristin jokes it looks like a Costco.

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“It’s really fun seeing the different teams and you know the atmosphere is different,” she said. “We were really excited that we were going to get a chance to maybe make up some lost funds.”

Jeff Todd