DENVER (CBS4) – After years of construction, McGregor Square in downtown Denver is up and running. The completion of the mixed-use development happened just in time for the MLB All-Star Game. Guests are pouring in, but like many establishments downtown, news employees can’t come fast enough.

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“We’re seeing a lot of bookings within a two-week window of their arrival dates, which is atypical. Most people plan their vacations a month or two in advance,” said Tiffany Owen, General Manager of Sage Hospitality Group.

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Owens says she was excited to hear the All-Star game had been moved to Denver, but at the same time, she was a bit panicked. Hotels nationwide are struggling to hire staff.

“We’ve got a lot of open positions, anything from operations to marketing to sales,” said Owens. “We’re doing everything you can think of. I’m really trying to get out in the community and let people know what a great place this is to work at.”

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McGregor Square took years to complete, but the upcoming All-Star game has their CEO wishing he could slow the clock. The MLB game, which was previously scheduled to be held in Georgia, had local businesses getting ready years in advanced.

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“Most cities get about three years to plan it. We got about five months,” said Patrick Walsh, CEO of McGregor Square. “We have a great team that’s committed, and we’re really excited to have it. We think that having McGregor Square open will be a perfect piggyback off of Coors Field.”

Walsh still has to get through June before the All-Star Game. In addition to a Pride month celebration, they’ll also offer movie nights, outdoor fitness and other events.

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The Rally Hotel and McGregor Square are unique concepts with a common problem many businesses are seeing downtown. They hope job candidates will step up to the plate before the big game.

Tori Mason