ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – Several closures remain in place at Rocky Mountain National Park following last year’s historic wildfire season. Approximately 30,000 acres, or 10% of RMNP was impacted by the East Troublesome and Cameron Peak fires of 2020.

Park staff regularly inspected closed trails for downed trees, erosion and rock fall. Many trails are expected to reopen this summer, but officials say a few will likely stay closed.

Map of closure areas (in yellow) in Rocky Mountain National Park as of June 3, 2021. (credit: RMNP)

RMNP officials announced additional closures on Friday in the Lumpy Ridge Area in order to protect nesting Peregrine Falcons. The falcons have recently displayed aggressive territorial behavior toward climbers, according to officials.

“Peregrine falcons can dive at speeds of over 200mph and may cause bodily harm to humans when defending their territory. If disturbance pressure from climbers is sustained near a nesting area, falcons will abandon their nest causing chick mortality. For the safety of both visitors and this federally protected wildlife species these additional climbing closures have been put in place. Closures will be monitored regularly and lifted once breeding activity is no longer observed,” RMNP stated in a news release.

Photo of a peregrine falcon (credit: Peter Pereir)

An interactive map of the wildfire closures at RMNP is available here. The following trail closures remain in place:

West Side of Rocky Mountain National Park

Park visitors should not stop or park along the roadside from the Grand Lake Entrance to the Onahu Trail, due to hazard trees along the road from the East Troublesome Fire. There is no access to trails, picnic areas or parking areas along this section of the road including the Harbison Picnic Area and the Green Mountain Trail.

  • The Green Mountain Trail remains closed.
  • The North Inlet/Tonahutu Trail remains closed.
  • The Sun Valley Trail remains closed.

East Side of Rocky Mountain National Park

In the Bear Lake area:

  • The trail past Lake Helene to Odessa Lake remains closed.
  • The Flattop Trail is open to the summit of Flattop Mountain but is closed past this point to the west of the Continental Divide.

Along the Bear Lake Road corridor:

  • The Fern Lake Trail (past the Pool) remains closed.
  • The Cub Lake Loop Trail between the Cub Lake Trailhead and the Fern Lake Trailhead is open.
  • The Trail junction above Cub Lake to Mount Wuh and Steep Mountain remains closed.
  • The Mill Creek Basin remains closed.
  • Hollowell Park remains closed.

Beaver Mountain area and trails remains closed.

Northwest Area of Rocky Mountain National Park – area and all trails remains closed.