By Danielle Chavira

DENVER (CBS4) – Four people are expected to file a lawsuit against their former boss, Todd Colletti, on Tuesday. Colletti co-founded and owned multiple, popular consignment stores called Buffalo Exchange.

The stores were franchises of a national company and all were in Colorado. They all closed last summer following allegations that surfaced that Colletti allegedly sexually harassed employees.

(credit: CBS)

In September of 2020, CBS4 Investigator Kati Weis spoke with former employees who accused Colletti of sexually harassing and assaulting employees at his stores. Dozens of allegations surfaced on an Instagram account. Others accuse Colletti of distributing drugs to minors and creating a cult-like environment.

One former employee told CBS4 she reported the behavior to human resources when she left the company and she didn’t see any changes.

(credit: CBS)

The Instagram account with the allegations gained popularity in late July, prompting corporate Buffalo Exchange to cut ties with the Colorado franchises, saying the owners were given time to change the Colorado stores’ names after the allegation surfaced but chose not to do so.

In addition to accusing Colletti, the lawsuit alleges leaders at corporate Buffalo Exchange knew about and overlooked Colletti’s actions.

Colletti has not yet commented on the allegations.

In December, the Denver District Attorney’s Office did not pursue charges against Colletti, according to a Westword report.

Danielle Chavira