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UPDATE: Autopsy Complete After Cult Leader’s Death: Amy Carlson Died From Alcohol, Anorexia, Silver Ingestion

SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – After a week in jail, Ryan Kramer and Karin Raymond are free on personal recognizance bonds. They are two of the seven members of the “Love Has Won” cult, arrested on charges related to abuse of a corpse and child abuse.

Ryan Kramer and Karen Raymond (credit: CBS)

The body of the group’s leader, Amy Carlson, was found last week inside a home that they have been living in near Crestone in southern Colorado.

Carlson was known as “Mother God” to members of the religious cult.

“God is a woman,” Kramer stated to CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.

“And that’s Amy?” Sallinger asked.

“That is correct. Let everyone know, that’s all I have to say. God is a woman and this whole planet will know.”

(credit: YouTube)

The mummified body of Amy Carlson, who they call “Mother God” was found in a sleeping bag in the home near Crestone. She had been ill for some time. Foul play is not suspected.

In YouTube videos, Kramer earlier talked about Carlson’s illness.

“Why can’t she heal herself? She’s God?”

“Well, that’s a great question God can do anything. Why can’t she heal herself I actually can’t answer that question.”

Sallinger asked Kramer, “How did she die?”

“I sincerely do not know. I don’t know.”‘

In the home where “Love Has Won” members were living, Carlson’s body was found decorated like a shrine with glitter and Christmas lights.

Sallinger asked about the items with Carlson whose body was wrapped and in a sleeping bag, “Christmas lights and glitter … is she going to be reincarnated?”

Karen Raymond and Ryan Kramer (credit: CBS)

Kramer responded, “We don’t know.”

At one point, Karen Raymond asked if the CBS4 camera was on, when told that it was, she remarked, “God is a woman, God is a woman, God is a woman.”

Sallinger replied, “I want to make sure I understand. God is a woman and Amy is the God?”


Carlson’s body was in a setting described as like a shrine by sheriff’s investigators.

Sallinger asked the two cult members, “She says she has been reincarnated many, many, many times?”

Kramer replied, “534 … so maybe she will come off a starship.”

With their leader dead, one member having turned on them (by reporting the body to the sheriff’s office) and other members still in jail, it’s not clear at this point that “Love Has Won” will be able to go forward.

(credit: Saguache County Sheriff’s Office)

The people who were in the home where the body was found were arrested on charges of abuse of a corpse and child abuse. In addition to Ryan Kramer and Karin Raymond, the names of the others who were arrested are as follows:

– Christopher Royer
– Sarah Rudolph
– Jason Castillo
– John Robertson
– Obdulia Franco

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