EDWARDS, Colo. (CBS4)- Spring is here and with it, prom season has begun for high school students across the nation. Each year, videos and photos of creative “promposals” featuring students asking each other to prom flood the internet. For one young lady in Eagle County, she was asked to prom with the help of a local law enforcement officer.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office posted photos to their Facebook account on Tuesday of a traffic stop that turned into a promposal. According to the post, a young man from a local high school asked one of the deputies from the department to help him with the idea. After contacting the parents to make sure it was okay, the plan went ahead with the deputy pulling the young lady over at Battle Mountain High School in Edwards and the young man getting out of the car with a sign that read “Prom. Say yes or you’re under arrest.”

The promposal was a success as according to the Facebook post, the young lady said yes.

The sheriff’s office wished the two a safe night at prom.

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