DENVER (CBS4) – For nearly 40 years, CBS4 has partnered with Raise the Future to profile children who are eligible for adoption out of foster care. The Wednesday’s Child stories have led to many children finding loving families to support them.

Former Broncos Offensive Tackle Ryan Harris talks with DeMoni, 13. (credit CBS)

13-year-old DeMoni is one of 4,035 children in Colorado’s foster care system right now. Like many kids in foster care, his future is uncertain although he dreams of being a pro-football player. He longs to play in a stadium with thousands of screaming fans where he can one day spot his own family in the stands. Sports allows DeMoni an outlet where hard work sees reward, where he can express himself and sweat out frustrations. Sports also fills him with hope especially when he meets his idol, former Bronco offensive tackle Ryan Harris, who was adopted by his father early on in his childhood.

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The soon-to-be football star and the former one share a passion for sports and a connection to foster care. They meet on a field of dreams at Empower Field at Mile High. CBS4’s Britt Moreno watches the two play in an imaginary Super Bowl where DeMoni makes a game winning touchdown.

(credit CBS)

Sports Demoni says “is my favorite thing to do. The action the feeling of it. It’s something else”.

DeMoni especially loves the teamwork he tells Moreno. That sense of community is most important to children in foster care who do not typically have a family or a permanent adult in their lives. That is where Raise the Future comes in to help. They work with children and prospective adults who will foster or mentor teenagers like DeMoni.

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DeMoni said he is extremely hard working and focused. He described himself as outgoing, but admits he was a little intimidated meeting Harris. Harris said that adoption brought his family a lot of joy as well as a lot of happiness to his own life and he hopes DeMoni gets that same feeling as well.

(credit CBS)

“Believe in yourself” Harris told DeMoni on the field. “Every obstacle is a chapter in your story. You’re the one with the pen and can share your story”.

DeMoni, like the thousands of other children in our state’s foster care system, deserves to have his story filled with love and a family’s encouragement.

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“I can be a play maker” DeMoni says before chasing after the football.