VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Vail released surveillance photos of some people who are suspected of stealing catalytic converters from parked cars. It happened on Thursday morning at Vail Mountain School, located at 3000 Booth Falls Road in East Vail.

(credit: Vail PD)

Catalytic converters are a vital piece of emissions equipment in a vehicle and they contains precious metals.

(credit: Vail PD)

The images show two different suspects and the blue pickup truck they were driving. One was wearing a face mask.

(credit: Vail PD)

Police found the truck abandoned in Dillon but there’s no sign so far of the suspects.

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Anyone with information about the crime that might help investigators is asked to contact Detective Greg Schwartz or Detective Brian Flynn at 970-479-2201 or or

Jesse Sarles