By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – Since the beginning of COVID, we’ve seen the number of falls among older adults increase by 30 – 50%. That has prompted the Denver Regional Council of Governments, DRCOG, to partner with Nymbl Science to bring the Nymbl app to thousands of Denver Metro Area residents, age 60 and older.

“Fall prevention is so important with the older population. It’s the leading cause of injury in older adults,” said Jayla Sanchez Warren, Director of the Area Agency on Aging.

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(credit Nymbl Science)

Falling is also the leading cause of hospitalization, the most common reason that people need a higher level of care, and the number one cause of accidental deaths in older adults.

“You know we’ve been sedentary for a lot of months now. I think this will help people feel more confident getting out there, doing things again, when we have the opportunity to,” Sanchez Warren explained.

(credit Nymbl Science)

DRCOG has agreed to pay for the first 5,000 people who sign up for Nymbl, as long as they live in the Denver Metro Area, and are 60 years old or older. The Nymbl app directs users through a series of exercises, and asks you questions at the same time. It takes about 10 minutes a day to see as much as a 30% improvement in balance.

“It allows people to learn how to move again, while they’re distracted, and regain the reflex of balance,” said Dr. Nathan Estrada, Vice President of Clinical with Nymbl Science. “We’re able to not only help people improve their balance, but get out of the high risk category for falls all together.”

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Lloyd McKean is a proud great-grandfather. He’s 93 years young, and not as sure footed as he once was.

“I had fallen a couple of time. I haven’t since I started this program,” he told CBS4.

McKean has been doing the Nymbl app for about two years. He started it through a program at Springwood Retirement Community. He went from needing a walker to walking without it.

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“All I use that walker for is I push it ahead of me, just in case I would fall,” McKean explained. “I’m not looking down at the ground anymore, and I don’t think.”

In order to sign up, you can download the Nymbl Training app from the Apple app or Google Play stores, or go to There is a risk assessment, and then a personalized program for the user.

Libby Smith