DENVER (CBS4) – Only in Denver — United Airlines is launching a new service for travelers that gets them to two Colorado destinations and promises a hassle-free way to travel. United is teaming up with Landline Ground Transportation to offer travelers a bus service to Fort Collins and Breckenridge.

Now passengers can book tickets to Denver International Airport on and check their ski equipment and bags in their departing city and not have to worry about organizing ground transportation nor carry their bags from the plane to their ground transportation.

“In Denver there is no collecting bags or finding their way through the terminal with bags, no having to worry about an uber or renting a car,” United spokeswoman Annabelle Cottee said.

The bus apparently is more spacious and provides Wi-Fi to passengers. Travelers will need to get off the plane and make their way to Concourse A where there will be a gate that takes them to the bus.

United believes Denver is the perfect city to launch this service because of the ski areas and proximity to national parks. United now has its sights set on Boulder as the next city in which to take passengers.

The service for Breckenridge starts on March 11 and the Fort Collins service starts on April 1.