By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – A snowmobile outing in western Colorado turned into a longer adventure than a mother and son had planned. Soren Nelsen, 16, and his mom Heather were out for one last ride on the Grand Mesa last weekend before heading back to their home to Minnesota.

Heather’s snowmobile ended up getting stuck in a ravine and their efforts to pull it out were fruitless. So, they both jumped on Soren’s snowmobile. They started following what they thought were tracks back to the lodge they were staying in. Unfortunately, the tracks led them to a creekbed where Soren’s machine got stuck.

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(credit: CBS)

“All of a sudden it’s like ‘Huh.’ I don’t think we are going to get out of here tonight. Let’s not panic. To be honest, I was a little panicky,” Heather told CBS Minnesota.

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They were lost and temperatures were dropping. They didn’t have any cell service and ended up having to spend the night in a snow cave they built for shelter.


(credit: Nelson Family)

“We locked arms and settled in there for 10 hours,” Soren said.

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(credit: Nelson Family)

A search and rescue team eventually found them, and other than altitude sickness and dehydration, the mother and son were okay.

Jesse Sarles