By Anica Padilla

(CBS4) — The holidays are over and many kids in Colorado will be starting classes this week — either remotely or in person. In Littleton Public Schools, the youngest students will return to the classroom this week and older students will come back in stages — provided there are enough healthy staff members.

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“LPS students are not in school right now because too many staff members were included in quarantines or were infected from uncontrolled spread in the community,” Superintendent Brian Ewert stated in a letter to the community.

On Tuesday, all preschool and elementary students will return to school for in-person learning five days a week. Middle school and high school students will resume remote learning on Tuesday.

“If we are able to keep enough staff members in preschool and elementary schools and believe the school system can support bringing all staff and students back to middle schools, we will move to Phase Two,” Superintendent Ewert stated.

Under Phase Two, middle school students return to school in the hybrid model of in-person learning on Jan. 19. High school students will continue with remote learning during Phase Two.

Under Phase Three, high school students return to school in the hybrid model of in-person learning on Jan. 25.

“At any time, if too many staff members are infected and/or quarantined and are therefore not available to come to work in schools every day, we may need to shift individual schools or entire groups of schools back to remote learning,” Ewert warned.

The goal is to have all students return to full-time, in-person learning in April. That is Phase Four.

“Phase Four is completely dependent upon our community’s ability to better control community spread and the availability of vaccines for school-based staff before April,” Ewert stated.

These plans do not apply to LPS charter schools, and charter schools will communicate their plans directly with their school communities.



Anica Padilla